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  1. What is Guided Programming / About this forum
  2. PR's in the DL followed by a 10% performance drop
  3. Powerlifting and Strongman -- too close together?
  4. Overload w/ slingshot?
  5. Bench Progress is stalled
  6. Return from Quad Strain
  7. What days of the week should I train?
  8. Spreading workouts over the week
  9. TRAC: Reduce the sets by 2?
  10. GPP: Recovery stimulation?
  11. Pin Squat: Where to set the pins?
  12. Conventional DL video analysis
  13. Sumo Deadlift Video analysis
  14. Auto-regulation, Over-reaching, and volume?
  15. Modifying the program week-to-week
  16. Pin Press: Where to set the pins?
  17. Maximize NL? How do to density training
  18. How to do the work up sets
  19. How to do just "bench"
  20. 303 Tempo Squat?
  21. Re-order the exercises to prioritize bench?
  22. Substitute slingshot for CG 3Board?
  23. Competitions in May? Specialized contest dates.
  24. Re-order training days in the week?
  25. TRAC: Add an extra set or not?
  26. Curls for Powerlifters?
  27. GPP: do more abs/rows?
  28. How heavy for GPP work?
  29. Not much accessory work in this program...
  30. What to expect from Peaking? Openers, Attempts, and Meet Week
  31. Determining RPE
  32. Deadlift Only vs Full Meet
  33. Progressing week to week
  34. Round to the nearest 2.5kg?
  35. Plateaus? Progress?
  36. Learning to grind / be tight
  37. What's a good goal weight?
  38. Training around injury
  39. Cutting weight for a meet
  40. Video / Technique review
  41. Gym Aware / Velocity measurement
  42. Bulking diet
  43. Attempt Selection Sheet
  44. RPE Chart
  45. How long for rest periods?
  46. Sumo deadlifter: Should I go sumo on Rack Pulls?
  47. How to switch to sumo deadlift?
  48. Forced week off: should I ditch the test day?
  49. Elbow / Forearm tendon pain?
  50. Combining P1 and P2 sessions
  51. Specialized Peaking Programs (multiple questions)
  52. How many / which competitions should I do this year?
  53. Splitting the Day 2 session
  54. Locking out deadlifts
  55. Psyching Up
  56. When will the volume go up?
  57. Warming up for a contest
  58. How to stop rounding in the deadlift
  59. Belt or no belt
  60. Video Analysis
  61. Am I Overtraining?
  62. Using the lats in the deadlift
  63. Width for Close Grip Bench
  64. Pin Press / Pin Squat technique
  65. Tempo lift adjustments
  66. Modifications for Geared / Equipped lifting
  67. 3wks out, missing targets -- how to adjust?
  68. Are the program dates correct?
  69. Deadlift seems stuck
  70. Sumo DL: Use widest stance possible?
  71. Which weight class should I be in?
  72. Lever Row Technique
  73. Should I use a close stance for training squats?
  74. How do I determine Novice, Intermediate, Advanced?
  75. Customizing the RPE Chart
  76. Technique analysis (Squat, Deadlift, and all openers)
  77. 3rd week of triples? What's that about?
  78. Music during training?
  79. Building a home gym
  80. Rear delt pain from squatting
  81. Returning to lifting after SI joint injury
  82. Floor Press: T&G or Paused?
  83. Modify training post-contest?
  84. Wrist Injury: Returning to normal training
  85. Should I add volume to my deload week?
  86. Sick last week. Modify this week?
  87. What can I expect after this week's training?
  88. I'm not competing. Should I do a mock-meet instead?
  89. TRAC tells me to add extra work during the taper
  90. Shoes for Push Press
  91. Cues for Low Bar Squatting
  92. Deadlift slippers
  93. Video / Technique review
  94. How often should you compete?
  95. Purpose of the Rack Pull
  96. Why am I not doing singles?
  97. Why is there no shift in specificity as the cycle progresses?
  98. Why don't you include more rowing in the program?
  99. Train conventional / Compete Sumo?
  100. Base training off non-stim training max?
  101. Sick. Still taper and test?
  102. Meet cancelled. Which dates to aim at?
  103. TRAC: How to add the extra sets?
  104. TRAC: Still record during test week?
  105. Low bar squat vs High bar squat
  106. Squat stance questions and deadlift stance
  107. Creating lower back tightness vs Hyperextending
  108. Transitioning to Sumo Deadlift
  109. Video / Technique review
  110. Next week's call won't be live
  111. Cues for Squatting
  112. Reference: Squat setup video from Matt Gary / SSPT
  113. Working up on new exercises
  114. Time limits on sets with lots of repeats
  115. Over/Under shooting your target RPE
  116. Replace FSQ with more High Bar squats?
  117. Adjusting deload week / down sets due to sickness
  118. Bands for Squat and Bench
  119. Incorporating the slingshot
  120. Training for a Push/Pull -- adjusting the template
  121. TRAC during a deload week
  122. GPP: Why have abs/rows dropped in volume?
  123. GPP: mix-and-matching GPP work
  124. Bar rolls down my back
  125. Frequently sick and working a lot. Reduce volume?
  126. Recovery Stimulation? Passive Recovery?
  127. Increasing volume during the taper week
  128. James's mock meet videos
  129. Cameron's Deadlift
  130. Squat: Consistency vs Depth
  131. Shirted bench technique video
  132. Why are we doing sets of 9?
  133. Why the heavy singles in training?
  134. SLDL conventional when competing Sumo?
  135. Calculating e1RM (training or meet numbers)
  136. Misgrooving sets -- how to compensate
  137. Substitute for Pin Squat, Pin Press
  138. How necessary is the cardio portion of GPP?
  139. Which HR monitor for GPP?
  140. Anterior Shoulder Pain when doing rows
  141. Are my rest periods too long (10m)?
  142. Wrist injury: how to adjust training while healing
  143. Adjusting for knee tendinitis
  144. Determining Bench Grip Width
  145. Video review: Bar uneven while squatting
  146. Video review: Bar uneven while benching
  147. Why did the volume decrease (volume modulation)?
  148. Tapering for contest: still doing lots of volume?
  149. How long is each block (block periodization)?
  150. Why not take a post contest deload?
  151. Front Squat vs SSB Squat
  152. Bench volume is too easy!
  153. High Rep training during a weight cut
  154. Tried conventional. Are you SURE I shouldn't go back to sumo?
  155. Adding Hypertrophy work
  156. High bar and Front Squat are lagging
  157. No Squat or deadlift (SI injury). Should I add bench volume?
  158. Tips for transitioning from high bar to low bar squat
  159. SLDL substitution / Injury risk
  160. Current programming dates
  161. Getting back into energy system work (GPP)
  162. Deciding to pull sumo or conventional
  163. Sumo deadlift beats up my hips
  164. Choosing numbers for the taper / testing week
  165. Calculate e1RM weekly?
  166. Equipped Squat videos
  167. Equipped bench videos
  168. Equipped deadlift videos
  169. Why did the frequency drop from 4 days to 3 days?
  170. How to search the forum
  171. Getting tired -- keep pushing or stop a set early?
  172. Overtraining -- knee, elbow, back overuse injuries
  173. Extra work up set -- adjust down set volume?
  174. Raw and Equipped simultaneously
  175. When should I do a mock meet?
  176. Shifting the schedule -- combine main movements, drop supplemental work
  177. TRAC adds volume. Performance is down. Why?
  178. Too much volume close to the meet?
  179. how to break in the hook grip
  180. Back injury and a contest next week
  181. Pause Deadlift and Round-Back deadlifts
  182. E1RM accuracy and high rep work
  183. Adding assistance exercises?
  184. Bench-Only modifications
  185. Shoes for the Deadlift
  186. Sumo Assistance work -- use sumo stance?
  187. Different exercise types in an RTS Program
  188. Specialized contest dates are updated
  189. Video review: Contest lifts
  190. Why do my lifts decline after a meet?
  191. Can you explain down sets? Repeats?
  192. Can you outline the programming as we approach the meet? Singles?
  193. Frequency changes -- 4 sessions to 3 sessions
  194. Why does assistance work change weekly?
  195. Shoulder Imbalance? Do I need rows in my programming?
  196. Determining working weights
  197. 2ct Pause Squat technique
  198. Coming off the re-introduction program (for SI joint)
  199. Swapping the order of training days (day 2 with day 4)
  200. Pull ups instead of rows for GPP?
  201. How much progress should a person make on average?
  202. Missed training for 2 weeks -- how do I re-start training?
  203. Sumo Deadlift -- optimal foot angle?
  204. Coaching cues for squat?
  205. Military -- standing? seated?
  206. follow-up: two week layoff for food poisoning
  207. How to schedule GPP workouts
  208. Deadlift technique video
  209. What kind of kit / gear / equipment do I need for a meet? Singlet, belt, ???
  210. Accumulation training for non-competitors
  211. Why deload? Why vary the training volumes?
  212. Why the singles ahead of rep work?
  213. How do you decide volume modulation?
  214. Trends in popular powerlifting programs
  215. How do you know when to have a low volume week?
  216. Tracking protein intake / food is fuel?
  217. Setting up your squat with Matt and Sioux-z Gary
  218. Down sets vs Fatigue Percents
  219. Focusing on Military, Weighted Pull ups, Dips, bodyweight, and Clean and Jerk
  220. Modification for a deadlift weak at lockout
  221. Scheduling: What if I don't have a meet coming up?
  222. No Heart rate monitor for TRAC
  223. Training while sick or ill
  224. How to come back / reintroduce after sickness
  225. Judging weights when doing singles and rep work
  226. Determining working weights
  227. Returning to normal training after SI injury (linear progression?)
  228. Substitute for Deficit Deadlift
  229. Substitute for Barbell Rows (w/physio)
  230. Working around a pec strain (5 weeks out)
  231. Scheduling: How do I decide what days to train on?
  232. TRAC: Best time of day for testing?
  233. TRAC: Why does recovery vary so much?
  234. Wrist pain while benching
  235. Including Pull ups, OHP, C&J, BW, etc (part 2)
  236. Volume adjustments when misjudging RPE
  237. How to know when to gain body weight
  238. Video: Twisting in the squat
  239. Video review Squat
  240. Contest Attempt Selection review
  241. Using knee wraps as Overload
  242. Why are CG 3Board press so hard?
  243. Knee wrap follow-up
  244. 80% Technical Failure
  245. Skipping supplemental work -- how do I adjust?
  246. Speed work for very slow lifters?
  247. Essential / Recommended Equipment list
  248. Soreness in legs vs Soreness in chest
  249. Prelipin's Chart
  250. All about volume