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  1. Article: You Are Not Overtrained - By Mike Tuchscherer (PDF version)
  2. Tracking Total Volume (TV)
  3. DUP vs Block periodisation
  4. e1RM calculation
  5. DUP and ratios
  6. Forced Deadlift Specialization
  7. Fatigue percents
  8. 3 count not 3 second Pause Squat
  9. Deadlift critique
  10. Alastair MacNicol - High Frequency Training
  11. What's with daily training?
  12. TRAC for iOS & Android
  13. Article: Why Speed Work Doesn't Work - By Mike Tuchscherer (PDF version)
  14. Deload NOT taper .. advice?
  15. Basic Template Question
  16. Utilizing Number of Lifts
  17. Upper/Lower Split v. Full Body
  18. Depressing Repeat down sets
  19. Recommended reading
  20. Rating the efficacy of movements
  21. Article: Consistency - By Ian Bell (PDF version)
  22. Article: Coaching Comparison
  23. Min/Max NL implementation and fatigue percents
  24. Progfamming help. Upper/Lower Body Split or Full-Body
  25. Trac Questions
  26. Guided Programming question. 6 days per week instead of 4?
  27. Weekly Undulating Periodization?
  28. singles with repeats
  29. How to improve pressing when you suck at it.
  30. Rep maxes at the cost of additional volume in the form of down sets
  31. Article: Resetting Expectations - By Mike Tuchscherer (PDF version)
  32. Coefficients for Individuals Lifts
  33. Is equipped lifting better than raw, for longevity?
  34. Need some help here
  35. Taking advantage of leverages?
  36. Spreadsheets DVD
  37. Article: Old School Total Body Training - By Dr. Mike T. Nelson
  38. Progress as a newbie
  39. Load Drop or Repeat
  40. Squat supplement after secondary deadlift isn't working- change order or reduce freq?
  41. Dumbest Gym Moments
  42. 2015 Meets and Meet Prep
  43. Looking for RPE Scale that had decimal point system
  44. RPE Lessons from my training
  45. Learning squat cues/ Perfecting form
  46. New weightlifting shoes. Do I deadlift in them?
  47. Training to Absolute Failure vs Training to Technical Failure
  48. Squating scared
  49. Brad Schoenfeld - Facts or Fiction?
  50. Grinding volume
  51. Lower back spasms during and after squats/deadlifts
  52. exercises per trainingsession
  53. How long does it take to acclimatize to higher volume/frequency, and can you go back?
  54. Transition Phases
  55. Push Strength Push Band
  56. Speed Squats Explained
  57. Squat Voila Moment! Thanks Nuckols?!
  58. Paused deadlifts
  59. Judge my GF's squatform
  60. Deadlifts with and without Straps
  61. Article: A True Strength Sensei - By Adam Palmer
  62. 3 week cycles (Volume,Recovery,Intensity)
  63. Annual Planning - Training Focus
  64. Beginner Volume
  65. Take a vacation to our seminar (Ft Lauderdale, FL, 1-3 May)
  66. "The stretch-shortening cycle". What do you think?
  67. Powerlifting and the family
  68. Deadlift Form Check
  69. Using a lower percentage fatigue (load drop) on squats
  70. Squatting with wraps
  71. Training when you're sick
  72. Minimum volume threshold per session (RTS podcast #2)
  73. Article: Gym Toys for Powerlifters - By Mark Robb
  74. Henneman's size principle
  75. Hamstring cramp during bench press
  76. Lower back tightness?
  77. Volume Block Fatigue
  78. Bench cues
  79. RTS Generalized Intermediate Program Question
  80. Help My Plan
  81. Ramping the weights
  82. Accomadating resistance and removing it prior to top set
  83. Nuckols Latest Article
  84. Intermediate lifters fail to PR due to lack of knowledge
  85. Article: Excessive Strength Focus? - By Dr. Mike T. Nelson
  86. hsp or hps on DUP ?
  87. Dr Hatfield Peak power produced at 78%
  88. Squat bar position questions
  89. Lifting shoes
  90. flex template
  91. changes ?
  92. What really is an 8 on the RPE scale?
  93. Volume management and auto-regulation over the long run
  94. squat bar path critique, how to fix?
  95. Plyometric complexes?
  96. Article: How I Became A Powerlifting Coach - By Josh Rohr
  97. Excel training log (or anything similiar)
  98. Volume, hypertrophy, and MPS cycles
  99. Texas M., Autoregulating, Fatigue Management, Confusion
  100. Deadlift help please
  101. Accomodating Resistance - worth the time?
  102. DUP Formatting
  103. Thoughts on exercises for glutes/posterior chain
  104. Using rep drops and load drops
  105. Could Olympic Weightlifting be easier to autoregulate than Powerlifting?
  106. Repeat sets?
  107. 40+ Training Frequency
  108. When the weights auto-regulate down
  109. missed a rep, what to do
  110. Excessive Forward Lean in the Squat (video)
  111. Three quick questions
  112. Exercise accomodation
  113. Thoughts on beginning RTS Generalized Intermediate routine
  114. Pause Squat question
  115. Pain in shoulder/upper back from low bar squatting
  116. Generalized Intermediate Program for a Push/Pull Specalist
  117. Dropping a weight class
  118. Manipulating volume responsiveness for resensitization
  119. Load drop
  120. Highbar squat vs Lowbar squat issue + question
  121. Adding weight to the bar
  122. Is there a specific place people keep training logs?
  123. Repeats and Load Drops at 2% or 3%
  124. Off-season hypertrophy work
  125. % fatigue doesn't make sense to me.
  126. Chatting / General help / discussion
  127. Half squats to pin with pause?
  128. Walking around a bit overweight - and nutrition in general
  129. Equating for total volume with different set/reps schemes
  130. Article: Solo Training - By Mike Tuchscherer
  131. sumo deadlift form check
  132. The Strength Pyramid
  133. Deadlift Lockout Help
  134. Fatigue Stops, Max Effort and Recovery
  135. Front Squats....
  136. 1RM mid back rounds
  137. Tapers, test days, deload
  138. Singles in Training
  139. Bulgarian method
  140. Peaking for deadlift only competition
  141. Squat Help
  142. Another bar tracking device on the horizon- Bar Sensei
  143. Do the muscles of the lower back recover slower than other muscles?
  144. Article: Passive Recovery - By Mike Tuchscherer
  145. Resetting Deadlift reps dilemma
  146. weak lockout
  147. Inconsistencies in gauging RPEs
  148. Focusing on one lift at a time
  149. Training without a program?
  150. Beginner to rts training question
  151. you guys ever get injured from a misload?
  152. Adding deadlift work - What to pick?
  153. Sumo to build conventional deadlift?
  154. RPE charts
  155. Week to week intensity changes
  156. Advice for training while travelling
  157. Selection Attempts and Warm-ups
  158. Are oly shoes a crutch for poor mobility?
  159. Maintaining (some) strength during hypertrophy blocks
  160. Grip and rip or lats locked in?
  161. RPE question
  162. Sumo question
  163. Intermittent Fasting
  164. Squat overload wraps/band recommendations
  165. Mobility
  166. Volume phase
  167. Drastically cutting weight for a meet
  168. Slow progress on squat and deadlift
  169. Volume and intensity
  170. "Can Fewer Sets Produce More Gains?"
  171. Autoregulating Volume in a Group Environment
  172. Conventional deadlift
  173. SSPTs deadlift table
  174. Article: Training with AMRAPS - By Bryce Lewis
  175. DUP 3x4 vs 2x6 and order of exercises
  176. Programing questions for a sub-junior
  177. Starting RTS/guided programming
  178. Intensification rep ranges (how high is nonsense)?
  179. 5 days training
  180. generalized intermediate like template - how to incorporate a bench shirt?
  181. Question on the evolution of RTS/RPE training from the book
  182. Raised heels exaggerating forward lean rather than eliminating?
  183. changing rep ranges
  184. Cambered Bar Benches for the Bottom Position
  185. New to RTS
  186. questions on RPEs and work ups
  187. Regaining mental focus mid-set
  188. Normal Strength Fluctuations and Volume Tolerance.
  189. different bars for squat-elbow issues
  190. Breaking the ground
  191. Short term adaptations
  192. Front Squat - AC joint
  193. Success with the bench
  194. Quick question about RPE chart(s)
  195. Rehab for SI Joint Pain
  196. Ab work on rest days
  197. Hello from Bloodylawngym
  198. Typical number of sets on Repeats
  199. Heart rate variability (HRV) monitors- bioforce, etc. worthwhile tool or no?
  200. Belts
  201. wristwraps
  202. substitute for JM press
  203. Back pain
  204. High volume on squats and deadlifts on the same week
  205. Hypertrophy blocks/phase potentiation
  206. Best Substitute for 3 Board Press?
  207. Uneven Bar
  208. Low enough?
  209. Squatting in wraps affecting benching
  210. Hip pain form check
  211. How much fatigue to expect from big PR
  212. High hamstring tendinopathy
  213. Deadlift shake
  214. Article: Not Your Typical I.T. Guy - By Adam Palmer
  215. Training the muscles versus the movement
  216. Variations in programming
  217. Strength phase and peaking phase length (9 weeks out)
  218. Squatting heeled or flat
  219. single + nl and percentages
  220. Off-season: Less-specific PL-work Vs Bodybuilding
  221. Soy and t-levels
  222. 365# Squat Form Check ~85%
  223. IPF and Inzer belts
  224. deload week
  225. Lower back issues
  226. CG Bench - elbows tucked, or flared?
  227. Concurrent vs. block periodization
  228. Combine high volume+low intensity and high intensity+low volume at same time?
  229. A Critique of Periodization: Interview w/ John Kiely
  230. Article: The Cognitive Squat (PDF) - By Mike Tuchscherer
  231. raw meet 5 weeks out ...
  232. Indicators of success and progress
  233. Strength fluctuations on unfamiliar equipment... just me?
  234. Article: A Case Against Specificity - By Mike Tuchscherer (PDF)
  235. form help on deadlift
  236. Is calf work worthless? GPP day frequency?
  237. PRs and meet peaking
  238. Deadlift form help
  239. Interview w/ John Kiely Part II
  240. Plus Set and RPE Conundrum: Unexpected Higher Reps
  241. Lower back pain
  242. How to get to Trac?
  243. Keeping shoulders healthy and happy?
  244. Norwegian volume training combined with RTS
  245. DUP to RTS training
  246. "Greasing the groove" extra workouts
  247. The end of female powerlifting
  248. DUP - Power Program
  249. Any experience with Mikes (Guided Programming)
  250. My poverty deadlift