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  1. Texas Method + RTS
  2. Programming Around Physical Stressful Occupation
  3. RPE for Volume/Intensity block
  4. Stage System Question
  5. High frequency programming for lower level lifters
  6. Sport Form Week for Bench Only Competition
  7. Programming for sumo DL in 3 day routine
  8. Help Guidelines
  9. hello and programming help
  10. My own DUP hoping someone can look over it
  11. My Program and Plan
  12. RTS for all-round strength and physique
  13. Flexible 3x Week Template
  14. 6 Week Meet Prep Cycle
  15. RTS and accessory work
  16. Bench Lagging, Tell me something new!
  17. New to RTS-Peaking for upcoming meet
  18. Novice - program critique
  19. Routine Critique - RPE Texas Method Cycle thing..
  20. Programming in the deadlift
  21. Increasing reps
  22. Autoregulated Texas Method/DUP review?
  23. How to progress with Generalized Intermediate Program?
  24. General strength programming on an every other day split?
  25. 2 Intensity blocks DUP
  26. exercise rotation
  27. A query about jargon, and logging
  28. Hi everyone
  29. Basic Programming
  30. Deadlift specialisation
  31. Meta- can we stop linking to excel downloads & upload screenshots or use google docs?
  32. My first RTS cycle - any help would be appreciated
  33. 3 Day Template
  34. novice custom program critique
  35. Bench just won't increase.
  36. Using RTS with Push Strength
  37. Critique my plan
  38. Exercises for DUP
  39. Generalized Intermediate Program Adjustments....
  40. Program question
  41. Help This Old Guy get to 1500
  42. High-frequency intensity block
  43. Straight or ramped Sets? Overshoot?
  44. a 3day a week basic RTS pragram
  45. 4 Week Intensity Block for First Meet, Looking for Critique
  46. Long term deficit pulling
  47. 4 day template
  48. Critique for 4 day DUP Program with Volume and Intensity blocks
  49. New to RTS/RPE & looking for help
  50. Help me with program?
  51. Need help programming DUP on an every other day split for Strength/hypertrophy
  52. DUP/RTS
  53. Autoregulating Hepburn's method(s)
  54. 5x a week programming?
  55. westside-ish routine
  56. Izzy Narvaez "Programming to win"
  57. 6 Sessions / Week, ~1h Sessions
  58. High Fatigue Block
  59. Anyone experiences with RTS-principels and Bodybuilding?
  60. New routine for my girlfriend
  61. feedback appreciated
  62. Newbie
  63. Former american footballplayer now wanna put all his effort into powerlifting
  64. Example of GPP workouts
  65. RTS principles for team sport athletes
  66. RTS again
  67. changing volume block and adding a strength block
  68. Trac and Guided Programing
  69. RTS for track and field
  70. Low daily fatigue PL training while in-season for golf (critique please)
  71. How to go about creating another 8 weeks with this program to lead to a peak.
  72. What does everything think of this high-ish frequency 'Norwegian' program
  73. Help with Block Periodization
  74. Template Help
  75. DUP + RPE - going to be moving on from TM in 5-8 weeks
  76. Training for a really busy guy
  77. Newbie question regarding sign-up
  78. Just getting the hang of RTS/RPE
  79. New to RTS, advice on proposed 4 day plan
  80. New program... What are your thoughts and opinions?
  81. Questions regarding "Generalized Intermediate Program"
  82. Training Cycle Length
  83. Training with and post umbilical hernia
  84. Critique my volume block?
  85. My daily lifting template
  86. Pre meet training
  87. Proceeding from the General Intermediate Program
  88. Total weekly stress
  89. Over 50 upper lower split
  90. Thoughts, advice on my first RTS program/method
  91. RTS RPE Program review
  92. military press question
  93. Programming conventional deadlifts and sumo deadlifts together
  94. Opinions on DUP Style Routine, 3 Day to 5 Day transitioning?
  95. Using rep drops and load drops
  96. Weight selection
  97. Program Check: Block Periodisation
  98. Help with program
  99. Some fun programming questions
  100. Please check my DUP and how to use RPE
  101. How to get in touch with Mike T.
  102. Extremely interested in DUP
  103. "Speed or something training
  104. New to RTS, Routine Critique
  105. Introduction/Help Conceptualizing Programming
  106. Autoregulating with 531
  107. intensity block
  108. New to RTS and RPE style training, would like advice on 6 week block
  109. Decreasing Number of Exercise Slots
  110. adding AMRAP and every 3 weeks more weigth
  111. Developing an intermediate concurrent strength and hypertrophy program
  112. Thoughts and ideas while programming
  113. Creating a baseline to progress from - my new program
  114. Transitioning into DUP - Need some help
  115. Autoregulation incorporating HRV, Prilepin's chart, and neurofeedback test.
  116. New to RTS
  117. RTS style upper lower split - please shoot
  118. "Transition" Phases
  119. 3-Days-A-Week 6-Week Block Volume + Intensity
  120. RTS with novice style programming
  121. Raw Powerlifter Looking for Changes in Programming
  122. Which RPE Chart Should I Use?
  123. A RTS starting strength model
  124. First attempt at hypertrophy phase using rts style training
  125. Difference between HOW you reach your target RPE
  126. Program critique
  127. 4 day a week Texas method.
  128. Program Template vs Other Factors
  129. 4 days a week for the advanced Novice
  130. A version of linear periodization.
  131. 3X Weekly Program for a Weak Intermediate
  132. DUP training help
  133. Mid Week Meet
  134. NL and percentage drops
  135. Experiences With Two Primary Lower Body Lifts On Same Day
  136. Thoughts on my Program.
  137. Equipped Programming
  138. Less than steller days
  139. New to RTS, general strength and size template
  140. Is there a 5-day version of the program?
  141. Intermediate program GPP once a week on Wednesday?
  142. Use RPE on DUP?
  143. Autoregulated Texas Method - Feedback
  144. DUP programming
  145. RPE to Percentage of 1 RM table
  146. Feedback on 4-day rtsprogram
  147. Singles and scaling your rpr.
  148. 6 week Equipped Block + other questions
  149. Conjugate and DUP style training combined
  150. DUP questions / need help programming
  151. About the RTS Manual
  152. Seeking advice
  153. 2-3 days per week, 6 weeks, intensity/volume blocks
  154. 4 Days per Week, 4 Weeks Volume, 4 Weeks Transition - Advice Needed
  155. Planning Meet Prep DUP
  156. Singles before volume work...how often?
  157. Help with 5days per week
  158. Critique my program please
  159. Program Critique. Is this program effective?
  160. Simple yet effective Auto regulated Full Body I put together
  161. RTS Newcomer
  162. Programming Help - 4days/week, Raw Lifter
  163. Wanting to implement RPE Help!
  164. Total working sets for different RPE Schemes
  165. General intermediate program 3 day?
  166. Rts for hyper trophy /high reps ?
  167. Fixed # of down sets?
  168. Back at powerlifting training
  169. Conservative Maxing
  170. Optimizing the generalized program
  171. OHP plateau
  172. Progressing While using and RTS RPE Style Training
  173. Peaking Using RPE
  174. Training anything outside the big 3 or slight variation of them.
  175. Doing it right?
  176. My program
  177. 3Day/9Week
  179. Bought the book, have some questions
  180. How to program fatigue into a program?
  181. Made slight changes to program while dieting, looking for input.
  182. Question re: daily/weekly fatigue limits using 4-day split
  183. Weighted and BW Calisthenic & RPE
  184. Need Help Beginner
  185. Check this program
  186. TRAC Orthostatic test
  187. Hybrid 4-day full body
  188. Westside user trying to make the switch to RTS / RPE training
  189. RTS Peaking Program - Please critique
  190. Template help for over 40 lifter
  191. 16-Week-Bench-Specialization
  192. Problems using the spreadsheet on a Mac
  193. calculating Fatigue Prct from old logs
  194. Performance coaching
  195. RTS training when time is limited
  196. 3 day plan for a coach/teacher
  197. Question about work-up sets
  198. Programming critique(Need recommendation and suggestions)
  199. Volume and Intensity waves modulated by RPE and fatigue%
  200. Just finished the book... ultra confused but have some ideas
  201. Autoregulated program for intermediate
  202. Seeking for help, template recommendations
  203. Seeking for help, template recommendations
  204. RTS Full Body Template Question
  205. RTS generalized intermediate program in hypertrophy?
  206. Mike Isreatel, RP, MRV concept for Strength
  207. 3 days per week template
  208. Programming Help - My take on RTS - Critique's welcome!
  209. How to peak with DUP Program ?
  210. Beginner
  211. Training blocks
  212. Purchased book, brilliant content, popped disc in, thoroughly confused
  213. New in RTS
  214. RTS and Strongman
  215. Where should I go from here?
  216. How to read this program: Bench (touch and go) ... move to 76%x5x6 (-17%) > 6 sets?
  217. Restoration Block Critique
  218. Looking for feedback on my initial programming attempt
  219. Your NCAA about Friday alerted it's Section
  220. is there a way to threat the OHP with the same respect as the bench press?
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  223. Using the GI for a meet preparation
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