View Full Version : Fatigue and total reps count

07-01-2013, 08:50 AM

is there any guidence on the rep count for %drop work, like minimal / maximal reps to be done? For me maybe because of my obsessive personality it is rather difficult to define 20mins time range (rest length, what set is the first to count etc.). But the minimal work is OK :)

As for RPE sensitivity, I'm completely lost when e.g. doing DLs or especially rack pulls at RPE8. It looks like I can do them for eternity.

Is it possible that a thing like Prilepin table could be formulated here? Not for 1RM percentage, but for number of reps on particular RPE level?

Mike Tuchscherer
07-02-2013, 05:07 PM
A table wouldn't work because there are too many compounding variables (work capacity, lift in question, frequency, etc). That's before you factor in the autoregulatory issues like daily variability, sleep, recovery, nutrition, etc.

If the 20-30 minute time frame is too ambiguous, just pick a rest interval and stick to it. I don't like that method as well, but it should work. Also, don't rely on video review to formulate your RPE. Try to establish it in the moment if possible.