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09-07-2014, 01:23 PM
Curious what folks think of this idea. I'm in the middle of MT's general intermediate template. Found it a good crash course. Much higher volume, though, than what I'm used to and getting some aches/pains (I'm 42). For next cycle, been thinking of going to a simpler 3x week vol/int approach with 3 weeks of each, and then adding volume/freq from there. In putting that together, been thinking through what's possible with a 3x/week template.

A programming difficulty for me is my lack of predictability of when I can train during the week. Weekends are almost always open and without meaningful time limits. But weekdays are mostly random. I've been able to get in on the current template twice during the week as programmed, but never the same 2 days. I also often don't get to the gym during the week until 830 or 9pm, so a 4 slot session pushes up against the gym's closing time etc.

So, been thinking of a 3x week template, where I use both weekend days and one weekday anticipating that the weekday could be any of Tues-Thurs so that there is at least one rest day around the weekend. Goal is to have 10 total slots: 3 Sq, 3 DL and 4 BP. I converted a BP slot into a DL as my shoulders/elbows have been acting up and I find the UB pulling helps.
Based on some of the ideas in the gen int template, manual and blogs here, I've come up with this:

Sat: Prime Sq; Prime BP; DL Assist (eg Deficit DL)
Sun: Sq Assist (eg Pause); BP Assist1 (eg Pause); DL Supp (eg Rows): BP Supp (eg Military)
Weekday: Prime DL; BP Assist 2 (e.g. CG BP): Sq Supp (eg. Front Sq)

Ideally the weekday session falls on Wedn so there would be 2 days of rest before the DL session; and then again before Sat's Sq session. But if it moves to Tues or Thur, it shouldn't be the end of the world. Programming-wise, the DL Assist movement at the end of Sat needs to be handled carefully so Sunday's lower body work isn't a wreck. Same issue, to a lesser extent, with the Sq Supp on the weekday session.

Other problems? Thanks in advance