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10-24-2014, 07:25 PM

I've competed in strongman for the last sixteen months, I'm doing my first powerlifting meet (bench only) tomorrow. I'd like to start programming using RTS principles. I'm not sure if I can do both powerlifting and strongman (if anybody has any ideas how to do this - please let me know) so I've decided to just try and lay out a powerlifting template. Lately I've done 5/3/1 and a number of Cube cycles. I've also done Smolov and linear periodisation in the past.

My best lifts are:
215kg wrapped squat/210kg no wraps
145kg paused bench
260kg sumo deadlift.

Edit: My sticking points are in the bottom of the squat, about 4-6" off the chest in the bench and at/above the knees in the deadlift.

I have had two knee surgeries but it doesn't really have any impact on what I can do inside the gym.

The actual programming I would like you to look at looks like this:

Prime squat: Low bar competition squat
Prime squat assistance: Pause squat
Prime squat supplement: Front squat

Prime Bench main: competition bench
Prime bench assistance: 3ct pause bench
Prime bench supplement: Military press

Secondary bench main: Touch and go bench
Secondary Bench assistance: Mid level pin press
Secondary Bench supplement: Close Grip Bench Press

Prime Deadlift: Sumo Deadlift
Secondary deadlift: Deadlift with chains
Deadlift supplement: conventional deadlift

I was thinking of laying it out like this:

Sumo deadlift with chains
Mid level pin press
Conventional deadlift

Touch and go bench
Pause squat
Military press

Sumo deadlift
Close grip bench press
Front squat

Comp squat
Competition Bench
3ct pause bench

In terms of sets, reps and RPEs, I was just going to take the generalised intermediate program and plug my exercise selection into the relevant slots.

Anything you guys can offer in terms of advice or criticism would be appreciated as I'm quite new to this and I'm sure I've made some mistakes somewhere.



10-24-2014, 07:42 PM
Couple thoughts in no particular order:
- Any reason you leave the competition movements until later in the week? Might make sense to do them earlier when you're freshest.
- Maybe rather than doing the Conventional deadlift as a supplement use something that target's the muscles used in Sumo, like RDLs or maybe Hip Thrust
- You'll need to think about how you'll periodize your exercise selection and frequency as the Generalized Intermediate is meant for someone transitioning from 3 days to 4 days (not sure if that's you)