View Full Version : Need help programming DUP on an every other day split for Strength/hypertrophy

12-01-2014, 02:43 AM
Just wanted to state that I've read the books and all the articles here, but somehow most of the information here is catered towards powerlifting. I train on an every other day split, with my goals being both strength and hypertrophy, hence my title. As i'm not a powerlifter, i base my routine around the few compounds i want to improve upon the most, which is the squat, bench press, overhead press, weighted chin, deadlift and pendlay row. I wanted to implement DUP principles but i realised its more or less a power hypertrophy split, with one day focusing on lower rep ranges for strength and another day on higher reps for hypertrophy.

A rough example i have come up with is this :

A1: Squat, Bench, Pendlay Row STR

B1: Deadlift, OHP, Weighted Chins STR

A2: Squat, Bench, chest supported row HYPERTORPHY

B2: Deadlift variation, OHP, chins/pullups HYPERTROPHY

on 'A' days i follow the main movements up with a chest and bicep isolation exercise and do myo reps, and side raises and triceps on 'B' days.

the main problem i have is how to program fatigue percents and RPES for the main movements, i'm guessing something like

STR days = x4-6 @9, Load drop (how much fatigue %?) also what difference does working to @9rpe have compared to @9.5 or even @8?

HYPERTROPHY days = X8-12@8, Repeats (for more volume, something like 4-6%, which equates to @9?)

I'm working on an every other day split so how does this DUP schedule work?

EDIT: i was also wondering if following mike zourdos' DUP setup would be beneficial to me for my goals, in this case adding Power days. And if so, how would i program them in?

12-01-2014, 07:10 AM
Interesting, I like EoD training, usually fits well with my schedule and I feel it's more forgiving if I for some reason need to postpone a session by one day. I would start with 5% fatigue, then gradually increase. When only training each lift 2 times / week you should be able to handle 7-8% fatigue. I would keep strength days between x2-4 @9 and hypertrophy x6-8 @8

12-02-2014, 08:01 PM
Yea i feel that EoD suits me just nicely, training one day then taking the next day off gives me enough mental and physical recovery. Anyway, in regards to fatigue percents, should there be any difference for my STR days and hypertrophy days and why? I'm trying to find a nice balance where i can have long term progress, seeing as im not a powerlifter with any peaking phases so most of my variables such as RPE and fatigue percents remain constant. Really appreciate the help

Mike Tuchscherer
12-04-2014, 01:31 AM
If you're in doubt, just default to medium fatigue (4-6% in most cases). You can do more with it by mixing in high stress and low stress, but explaining it here is rather difficult. I'm working on a video explanation. And you can get impressive results just from doing medium stress training for quite a while.

The difference between RPEs... It's mostly in terms of a continuum. Specificity <----------------------> Volume. Lower RPE's allow you to get more volume (usually), but they are a bit less specific when it comes to strength.