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04-16-2015, 12:10 PM
Hello all. In Mike's book he gives an example of an intensity range that is low as to have 0 max effort slots per week, medium has to have 2 max effort slots, and high as to have 3-4 max efforts slots. My question is; for the max effort work does the weight need to be in the 90% and above range of a 1rm to be consider max effort or can you just go off of a rpe of 9-10. The reason I am asking this because I'm using a rep range in the 8-10 range for a little bit and when I look at the percentages of what a set of 8 @ 9-10rpe, it is only about 73% of a 1rm at the highest and if I am trying to do a intensity based block I am not sure if this would fall into place very well. Thanks in advance.

04-16-2015, 03:34 PM
You are doing a high rep, high volume hypertrophy phase. You can definitely work up to @9-10, but it's not "max effort" at all. That would mean that bodybuilders who train to failure on nearly every set do exclusively max effort work. 8-10 reps on main lifts has no place in an intensity block, and I would question the value of using that anywhere in a powerlifting program. There is no reason why you can't add in heavier work, but that is another story.

04-16-2015, 05:00 PM
I understand that it is a hypertrophy block but I was wanting to measure the intensity to gauge some of the effects on fatigue. What hangs me up on the percentages is that max effort work can be relative to whatever you are doing. For example- if you were to do triples @ a 9 to 10 rpe we can reasonably assume that you are using weight that is around 90% + of your 1rm, and most people would say that you are lifting heavy. Now lets say that the same person is doing eights @ a 9 to 10 rpe , the percentage of their 1rm will change but lets say the volume stays the same. Could you not say that this person is lifting heavy? I know the effects will be different for given rep ranges ( cns, energy systems development etc),what I have noticed in my training is that I have done 3,2,1 long enough now that when I do a set of 10 that It seems that it takes very little weight to fatigue me. So I am lifting in the 8-10 rep range to help develop some mass and to train my cns, and energy systems to maybe help bring up some lagging issues. So I guess what I am trying to do is develop a intensity range that I could use to manage the fatigue, like when you lift in the 90% range of your 1rm you can only do it so long before you have diminishing returns. It would be nice to now if anyone else has any data to compare mine to just to see any trends. Thanks for the response Chris I like reading your post.

04-16-2015, 07:17 PM
...eights @ a 9 to 10 rpe , the percentage of their 1rm will change but lets say the volume stays the same. Could you not say that this person is lifting heavy?

No, volume can be equal but intensity is the weight on the bar, not total volume. If the bar is your 1rm it's 100% intensity, but is that lifting heavy? The training effect will not be the same either because all reps over 80% or so of 1rm cause maximal force production and muscle fibre activation, with lighter weights it's only the last few reps that have a similar effect.

If I was going to do something like what you are talking about I would keep the main lifts in the 3-5 rep range, maybe an occasion 6, and RPE's around @7-8 for repeats. Then do higher reps for variations and supplemental lifts, or even some bodybuilding-type movements. If you are just burnt out from lifting heavy all the time you could have a lighter training cycle, but expect your 1rm and technique to suffer if you exclusively train for high reps.

04-17-2015, 10:18 AM
Chris, what my intentions are as follow- Each of my blocks last four weeks, I train 3 times per week. My first block I will do 8-10 reps all around, with bodybuilding type movements. Then as I a move into my second block I will make one movement for each training session at the beginning of my workout a main assistance for the competition lifts and then do 5-8 reps and the rest of my movements will still be bodybuilding like. Then as I move into my third block I will plug in a main lift variation with the main lift assistance at 5 reps and do some bodybuilding work , but buy now It will be only a very small amount. Then my next three blocks are where I begin back with heavy weights doing 3's. Then I only do three movements per session- main lift, main lift assistance, and a supplemental. I wanted to try the higher rep work to help with some joint inflammation and work on some of my work capacity and just to keep from getting bored. I just competed in my first competition for this year and I prepared for it by doing the last three month block that I just described and I put 80lbs on my total but buy the end of my training I was so ready to scale back some of the heavy lifting. Thanks for the reply and if you have any Ideas or comments let me know