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06-04-2015, 07:45 PM
link to template:


bw: 178lbs, will eventually get to around 185lbs

S/B/D: 395/260/480

wilks: 347

For the volume block, on main lifts, I have a 3-4-2-3 @9 wave on M/T, and Th/F I have 3-2-3-2 @8 repeat sets to get some volume at a lighter weight (80%-85% range). The only lift I'm not too sure about would be incline press, I might change it to tng bench on at least one of those days

For the intensity block, I structured it similar to the generalized intermediate program the main lifts follow 3-4-2-3 @9 on M/W, and 4-2-3-2 on F (please let me know if I should change this to 3-4-2-3 if needed). The only lift that is sorta out of place is the OHP, and that might get changed/removed