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02-22-2013, 05:04 AM
mats.d.skrede wrote:
Hey guys!

Since i feel that this forum is filled with lots knowledgeable people, i would like to hear yours opininon on my case. In november/december 2010 i had to stop squatting due to knee pain. I went through a MR-ray and they found a couple of minor injuries. I also had a partial tear in my right quad tendon. A year went by with different approaches of rehab training without much of a relief in my knees. (Though it did good things for my overly lateraly tensed quads.) I did not want do to any surgery, but this year i made the decission to get an athroscopy. I have done both my knees and they removed something called Plica.

I dont want to get too much in detail to make people think; "oh, this is something for the doctors to decide". Anyway, in theory, my knees are now fine. But it hurts when i squat! Right above the knees. Since in theory, my knees are fine, should i just keep squatting and hope my knee/quad insertion will adapt? Or should i do anything else?

What do you guys think?

02-22-2013, 05:05 AM
Oni wrote:
It hurts just as your break parallel right?

If so, maybe box squat as it unloads the quads at the bottom of the lift. Don't expect much of an increase to your raw squat though... it's just a way to continue training