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09-03-2015, 06:53 AM
Hey guys,

I've been training for powerlifting for almost 3 years, have been in and out of the gym since I was 18 (I'm 30 now), but have recently had some time off during the summer from any proper programming so I'm looking at getting back into a growth phase. I'm 6ft tall, and weigh 78kg.

I started with 5/3/1 for over a year, ran sheiko which just hammered my joints really badly, have run the generalised intermediate programme from Mike T to help me peak for a comp last April that went really well (3 comp PR's and I weighed in at 82kg), followed by 4 weeks of an Autogregulated Texas method 4 days a week which went pretty well before I went travelling for pretty much 3 months. When I was away I managed to train full body once a week to maintain. I've just come off the back of running Average to Savage for 4 weeks alongside a cut (took a week off now to readjust thanks to some life stresses), and am now ready to grow for the next 15 or so weeks up until Christmas. I'm stuck between deciding on whether or not to run Average to Savage for the full length, or to run a the the autoregulated Texas method programme again. My goal is to compete in the middle of next year at 83kg

Best lifts are squat (high bar) 157.5kg, bench 120kg, deadlift 210kg. I've just learned how to low bar squat (took me long enough!), so I think my squat 1RM is actually higher than 157.5kg now.

The programme I've adapted from Chad Hydro's article on autoregulating the Texas Method looks like the below for a 4 week block. The idea is I'd then repeat the block 3 times (swapping out developer exercises each block), then taper for 3 weeks before testing in week 15. I've got 5 days a week to train, so have included a hypertrophy day in the middle using BFR for the exercises so I don't accumulate much fatigue but get growth from it. If I'm feeling rocked that week, I can always skip it. I prefer doing higher reps for things, hence not programming anything lower than 3's.


What do you guys think?

09-05-2015, 04:22 PM
Does anyone have any recommendations for any changes? Kind of stuck in limbo, help!