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11-03-2015, 03:11 AM
Hi, first post to the forums so hope this is in the right section. I've been working with percentage based programs for about 6 months following a 3x/week full body novice routine. I've got my first powerlifting meet with the BDFPA on December 13th and am currently using a percentage based program that my S&C coach wrote for me.

I'm new to RPE but have started noting down what RPE a lift felt like after each set and will continue doing so until after the meet. My maxes are around 130/95/180kg. I'm starting a period of my university career (Veterinary Student) in February where I will have a lot of long days, variable amounts of stress throughout the week, and I was thinking that RPE would be a good thing to implement to help keep me tick over. So I bought and read the RTS manual and have looked at some of the articles on here and wanted to try and write my own program based on the principles that i've seen.


General Notes:
- First four weeks is more volume bias but there is undulating intensity due to rep schemes. Second four weeks is more intensity bias due to lower rep ranges. Transition week could be a deload or if I'm prepping for a meet the order of the last 4 weeks would change so that I go for a single at the beginning of the block and the transition week would be meet week.

- Extra Back work would be done on a GPP day 1-2x / week with a horizontal and vertical pull AMRAP in 7 mins each, some core work and some hammer curls for elbow health. Some sort of rear-delt work would be done after every session too.

- Fatigue percents go Medium -> High -> Low -> Medium so you spend most of your time in a medium stress environment (medium volume + medium intensity)

- Exercises were based on having 12 slots per week (6 upper 6 lower). Each exercise has a given time slot to help autoregulate volume

- Higher fatigue weeks obviously have higher time slots. I'll aim to hit my highest work set half way through the time slot.

Please could I get some opinions on this? I'll probably end up running the generalised intermediate program first to get a hang of it but wanted to plan my training.

11-07-2015, 08:10 AM
Don't overthink it. Take copious notes on how each day felt, maybe keep a "stress" log since you'll be stressed from academics, life, and training. Then come back with results and data for us to help sift through and prescribe change.

The only major thing that jumps out is the chosen RPE for volume blocks.

Based on your lifts and minimal understanding of you I'd suggest keeping the RPE between a 5-7 on the volume block to allow for more volume and better preparation for intensity. If start at 5 and then add 1RPE each week while adding weight to the bar.