View Full Version : Bought the book, have some questions

02-24-2016, 12:26 AM
Age 23
Weight class 163 pounds
current weight 170 pounds
365/285/455 in the gym

1. I've never had a lot of success with the level of exercise variety Mike proposes in the book. I stuck around the same weights for years until I focused on just the competition lifts and treated everything else as corrective and gpp work. For example, Daily max training was really good for my bench press and squat. Sheiko worked well for the bench press and deadlift other types of training have not been effective for me. Do any of you use less than 6 variations for your upper and lower slots, maybe just like 2 or 3 and repeat them twice a week?

2. I am training three days a week right now and cannot train more than that for the time being. My deadlift needs a lot less volume than my squat. My squat went backwards on Sheiko because I went from squatting 3-6 times a week to squatting just 2-3 times. I am currently looking at two templates

Day 1: Squat, Bench, Squat Bench
Day 2: Squat bench Deadlift Bench
Day 3: Squat bench deadlift Bench


1: Squat bench Squat bench
2. Deadlift Bench Deadlift bench
3:Squat Bench Squat bench

I am currently using the second template. Everything is going well except I am sometimes fatigued and very weak by the second bench press and I find myself wanting to work harder than my rxd RPE and rep scheme. I am using 5% fatigue on everything this week. Should I drop a some of the secondary bench presses and just bench once at 10% fatigue instead?

My weaknesses are maintaining my back position in both the squat and deadlift. Bench press is weak at the bottom.

I will update with more questions.