View Full Version : Squat results from RTS

04-23-2013, 10:39 AM
Thought you guys might be interested, I did RTS for about 7 months or so. I had to stop mostly due to financial difficulties. My squat at the beginning was about 415. After finishing RTS, 1 month later I squatted 525 raw. My previous PR was 485 before starting RTS but whatever I did wasn't working and I saw huge strength decreases.

I finally found what works though, at least for my squat. I did a lot of paused squats on RTS, my 1rm quickly went back close to 475 after just a few months. What was interesting to me was that I then did suited squats, every week. I wanted to compete in a geared meet and I was really trying to learn the squat suit. Every body kept telling me I was nuts and that I shouldn't be working in the squat suit every week I'll get injured. Eventually tendonitis did get the best of me, mostly due to how I let the bar sit on my back, but that's gone now. The end result was I needed about 2 weeks off to recover, then the tendonitis was gone. After I came back, I started squatting light while going heavy on the pause work. After 10 weeks I slowly ramped myself up to a 525 squat and that went right up as well as feeling light on my back.

I attribute this jump in strength to the constant squatting during RTS. I learned how to get tighter, I felt more comfortable in the hole and grinding out lifts.

Random stats, weight started around 256ish, I currently weigh 262. My body fat was at 20.8% 3 months ago, that's the lowest I have ever been.

I can't say I have a clue what works for my deadlift. My deadlift goes up slower than my squat does and my squat will eventually pass my deadlift I believe. The bench press I'm still figuring things out with as well, I haven't seen much change in that. I'm going to go through my old logs and again look at what worked and what didn't.

Overall I had a positive experience with RTS and saw incredible gains in all of my lifts (about 20 lbs in my bench and 60 or so in my deadliest)