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Mark Jamsek
05-24-2013, 10:08 AM
I'm struggling to decide how to program this Sport Form week. Should I do a mock meet on Monday and Friday with some GPP or @8 rep work on Wednesday? Or test squat and bench on Monday with sub-maximal pulls (0% load drop), rep work minus deadlifts on Wednesday and test deadlift on Friday with sub-max squat and bench? Or even ramp up over the week; something like x2 @9 on Monday, lighter @7-8 work Wednesday and mock meet Friday?

This can't be right, but according to the Russian Classification Chart I'm a Class II lifter @90kg and my work capacity and recovery aren't great at the moment due to factors such as study, work, sleep and nutrition. I've noticed this last week in particular I've not managed even one drop set after my initial on deadlifts mostly, but I've also been working up to my initial with 2-3 sets where previously it'd be my first or second set. I've adapted the 4 days a week program to every other day too. And although I've been squatting with the SSB, which has really alleviated my tendinosis, I think I'll be okay low bar squatting for this realization week. Just thought some intel might help in determining how to set this one up. Thanks.

Mark Jamsek
05-25-2013, 12:19 AM
I was just thinking it is highly likely that low bar squatting will aggravate my tendinosis, which will no doubt adversely affect my benching, not to mention extend my convalescence period if I then bench with inflamed elbows. Would it be counter-intuitive to test squat on Monday, bench on Wednesday, and deadlift Friday? Due to the very low volume should I throw in some fatigue sets, or would this defeat the purpose of a Sport Form week?

05-26-2013, 01:50 PM
I'm probably not qualified to comment on this, but I think: given all the factors, what about a 3 day week? Monday: very light, oriented more towards "greasing the groove" than anything.

Wed: mock meet, but switch the order of lifts so that squat is after bench.

Fri: light lifts again, but swap the SSB back in.

Other days, get in some GPP to aid with recovery. Try to set yourself up for a successful next week as well as completing this week.

Mark Jamsek
05-27-2013, 08:28 AM
Thanks, Bob. I think you're pretty qualified. I was going to take your approach, but I spoke to a friend of mine familiar with RTS, and perused some of the training blogs of other RTS lifters and decided on the more conventional approach of x1 @9-10 Monday, light @7-8 rep work Wednesday and another mock meet Friday. I think Mike would have prescribed something like that anyway. More opportunity for specificity. The indecisiveness came from my erratic training of late and psychological factors I think. Plus I know I haven't been eating and sleeping well.

I'm pretty stoked though. Added 30kg to my total :)

Squat 190 | 200 | 210kg - 20kg PR!
Bench 130 | 140 | 145kg - 10kg PR!
Deadlift 210 | 220kg | 230kg-FAIL

I just ran out of steam by the time I got to my pulls, and I knew it was going to be a struggle while warming up. Tied my post-injury best, and with much better form too. I've adjusted my pull to a less rounded upper back so I consider it a record of sorts. I hadn't ate much all day, yesterday ate very little too. Midway through my bench the hunger pangs hit me. I don't know if I'm just making excuses, but I think it had some effect. Still 35kg from my all-time total, and 5kg more bodyweight, but I'm happy with this progress in only 10 months of training.

Anyway, this RTS really works. Thanks, Mike :)

I can't help but wonder how today would have went without the injuries I've dealt with over the last couple months and their impact on my training.

By the way, does anyone else get nervous before a mock meet? I can understand before a meet, but I've been nervous as hell all day, and all weekend. Crazy.

And do you think it would be unwise to pull first on Friday? I'm guessing the total wouldn't count due to changing the order of the lifts, and it might affect my squat poorly anyway. But I really wanted to pull 230kg today, and want to get it on Friday.

Mike Tuchscherer
06-03-2013, 02:03 PM
Congrats on the PR's. That's impressive stuff. BTW, nice job thinking and reasoning through your situation. How were your elbows?

Yes, I get nervous. Well, nervous isn't the right word, but there is a nervous tension. I notice I'm a little more irritable. I notice it even before a tough training session. Read my Tour of Florida (http://forum.reactivetrainingsystems.com/content.php?114-A-Powerlifting-Tour-of-Florida) article for more comments about it.

Of course I'm too late now, but I wouldn't switch the order. I would keep the order and try it again. Usually people get stronger in the Friday session, especially if they're not used to Sport Form. Also, it will help you compare like with like.