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05-29-2013, 11:50 AM
hi, have i understand it right ? here my ideas :

volume block bench :

bottom bench -
tngo bench 5x5 week 1 / 6x3 week 2 / 6x2 week 3 (each week another volume set/rep sheme? or 3 week block one sheme ? )
incline bb bench i would use lesser volume like 2-3 x 5-8
db military 2 x 8-12
rows 3-5 x 8-10
rear delts

lockout bench -
chainbench 6x4 week 1 / 6 x 3 week 2 / 6 x 2 week 3
boardpress 3 x 5-8
chin ups 5 x 10
push downs (?)

the thing is , i don't know exactly how to start the basic , first without fatiquestops and those things ...

yesterday i did an intensity bench workout 4 x 2 @ 9-10 rpe and i was DONE , i did 3x3 on the second cyclic movement , but it was too hard and too long , my training was 1,5+ h long , thats too much .. i think. my thoughts about a trainingsession are , one basic movement with volume / intensity , but 2 pressing exercises with the same vol./intens. like 5x5 and another 5x5 ...10 x 5 reps 2 times a week . its insane ..or not ?

Mike Tuchscherer
06-03-2013, 02:13 PM
The exercises you have listed are fine.
It seems to me the bigger problem is what to do in the actual session. Yes, 5x5 all with the same weight is tough, especially if you are @9-10 on every set. So don't go that heavy. Work up so that your top weight is on set #3. So if you picked 5x5, then maybe something like this:

90x5 @7
95x5 @8
100x5 @9
90x5 @8
90x5 @8.5

That's still 5x5, but it's much more manageable effort-wise. It should allow you to take 3-4 minute rest breaks and make the workout faster.

If you try that and the volume is simply too much, you can chop it down a little. So instead of 5x5, you could do 3x5. But this is really just a starting point. You start here and then implement the next chapter of the manual. If you keep going, autoregulation will take over. Then the volume will tune to fit your needs on it's own.

06-03-2013, 02:45 PM
thank you for your input .

i understand the fatique-stop principe basicly , but i should choose a weight which i can do for more than 1 or 2 sets @ 8-9 rpe in a volumecycle , because its the volumecycle and it means more like 6x3,6x4, 5x5 ect. right ? i mean 2 sets and than stop is too less ?

the second movement should be trained with the same intensity and volume like the mainlift ? in the book it is .

so original set up is for example benchpress for 6 x 3 reps @ 8-9 rpe / incline bench 5 x 5 @ 8-9 rpe / shoulderpress 4 x 5-8 @ 8 rpe / rows 4 x 8 ? = 15 sets of pressing ...

Mike Tuchscherer
06-05-2013, 05:52 AM
The Fatigue stop principle is not quite like that. When using the fatigue stops, you have a rep-RPE pairing (something like x3 @8 or x2 @9). This will vary depending on the block. Volume blocks will use lower intensities. Intensity blocks will use higher intensities. At this point, you don't worry about the number of sets anymore. You just let it happen. You're right -- normally you'll only get a couple of sets, which is a limitation of Fatigue Stops and why I think you should move on to Fatigue Percents as soon as you are able.

The second movement should be trained with similar intensity and volume. But not the same.