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    The cleaning routine has been changing for quite a long time now the links we have are vital.
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    Wow you have so many requests!
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    Ouch! I forgot to mention that I am also looking for the ideas for children's room and bedroom. I want two split beds for me and my wife, couple of chest drawers and as for the babies, two small children's bed and a beautiful wardrobe will be fine. Till then this is all my budget can afford, but I hope you understand.
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    This ia a very good and long article. I enjoyed reading it. However I want to know more about a different thing, not about how clean the house after you pack all stuff, but rather how to better decorate the new one after you move in. Do you have any room ideas? Also do you know where to buy good furniture for the dining-room? Actually I don't want to bring into a new house old furniture. I would rather leave it there.
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