1. Pre-requisites required when entering medical school

    Congratulations! You’ve aced your high school exams!

    Now, its time for premed and medical school.

    Everybody knows that you have to be intelligent and be a high achiever when you are on your way to medical school. You also need to have the motivation to work really hard, and the grades to show that you are the best.

    Medicine is a program that not only has a high financial cost but also casts a high toll on health, intellect and emotions. The Caribbean medical school cost ...
  2. Essentials of web design no developer must ignore

    Entering web design is an experience involving both learning and working simultaneously. It is a series of learning, practice and experimentation on the basis of trial & error. Web design does take time and requires a lot of dedication.Aspiring web developers need to go through the basics of designing and creating a new web page. They also need to learn the new technologies and upcoming trends that power up the cyberspace and ensure the web page is aesthetically pleasant. Such is so because ...