1. Week 2 - Day 2 & 3

    Day 2 - 2016/05/03

    Deadlift w/belt
    165x6 @7
    170x6 @8.5
    175x6 @9
    165x6 @9

    A few kg short of the goal here. Fet terrible. My bicep tendinitis is in full bloom. To the point I can barely hold the bar at the top of a deadlift.
    I have suffered from this for years. I attribute it to never having consistent bicep training. So, I am going to add bicep work, some rotator cuff work, and upper back work as GPP. On the plus side, I am resting ...
  2. Week 3 - Day 1

    Squat w/belt
    172.5kgx6 @7
    180kgx6 @8
    185kgx6 @9
    175kgx6 @8.5
    165kgx6 @8

    Squats felt great. Numbers are all on par with my most recent max. Hopefully I will gather momentum and hit some PR's in the coming weeks.

    Comp Bench

    Why oh why do I keep trying to test this damn pec? I had a thought that I should try just board presses today, but nope. Had to go and try benching and feel ...
  3. Week 1 - Day 3 & 4

    Day 3 - 2016/04/29

    2ct pause Squat
    145kgx5 @7.5
    150kgx5 @8.5
    152.5kgx5 @9
    142.5kgx5 @8.5

    These felt pretty crumby.

    Close-grip Bench
    100x7... stopped here. Thought I could get away with some close-grips, but I could feel my pec pull a bit. It's high in the pec/shoulder, so that's probably why. No more pressing for Mike for at least a week!

    BW(bodyweight)x5 @7
    BWx5 ...
  4. Pretty much just a lower body day...

    Training Day 2 - 2016-04-27

    Deadlift w/belt:
    162.5kgx7 @7
    170kgx7 @7.5
    180kgx7 @10(ish)
    165kgx7 @8.5

    Overshot my top set just a little bit... my stamina or work capacity is pretty crappy, and I know this because 180x7 @10 wasn't really "move" like a 10. The speed was surprisingly fast, but my muscles were faily. So I may have been able to force out 1 or 2 more reps, but something in my technique would have broke down. So I'm calling ...
  5. Back in the RTS saddle... again.

    I made a post similar to this many moons ago... that being said, it can be deduced that I am a recovering program hopper. Luckily, I've made some progress since my last post on here. Sadly, I should be much stronger than I currently am. Just to give a short background of my training over the past... hmmm... two years(?), to whomever may read this, I am just starting to get real momentum going again in training now. I had some health issues and had to drop a big amount of weight, so I took a break ...
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