Sasha tries to make heavy weights feel lighter

Been training since April 2010, did first meet April 2011. Have some hip and shoulder issues, still trying to get bench up from PR Oct 2012 of 140. Have been thinking of making a log/blog somewhere for years but never got around to it. Been using RTS principles since about Dec 2013. Video tape most of my main lifts every session.

Next meet is a USPA July meet, as a "low stress" meet, and maybe qualify for RUM 8. Cutting a bit to easily make 148 wt with only 2-hour weigh-in. Bigger goal is Fall IPA National's meet where I want to total Pro and break my squat record there (320 lb Nov 2013). Even bigger goal (wishful thinking) is to get 330.5+ squat to get on world record list for women in my weight class. Yeah, I can squat but not much else, lol. Best DL (sumo) was 307.5 but form was pretty crappy. Working on that now.

Hoping to stay relatively on point with blogging. I keep my youtube up to date with comments about how training went, so shouldn't be too hard to at *least* copy paste here. I'm pretty busy, so most forum thread-type "logging" stresses me out if I don't have time to reply to thread posts, like this blog format better.

  1. Supplements, adding adaptogens (Prime One)

    by , 05-12-2014 at 10:18 PM (Sasha tries to make heavy weights feel lighter)
    While general good nutrition, sleep, training, etc play the most important part of recovery, I do think some supplements can be helpful to....supplement the above when everything is spot-on. Of course fish oil, creatine, and beta alanine have great studies backing up their benefits to health and performance. I also take a multi, glucosamine/chondroitin/MSM, have dabbled in cissus which didn't show much additional benefit to me, and also played with nootropics (piracetam, choline source, prami/oxi/etc ...