1. Getting back into it...

    Have done one session since back from worlds, was nice an easy, just did some benching.

    Monday 24th June 2013

    Bench Press

    Bar x 15
    60kg x 10
    80kg x 10
    90kg x 10
    100kg x 10
    Wide Grip - max allowed comp lift
    90kg x 10
    100kg x 10
    Narrow Grip - thumb length from smooth
    90kg x 8, x 7
  2. Worlds Report

    Well today went both good an bad.

    Opened with 250kg on the squat an was a pretty good rep, was happy with it and played my attempts from here a little as planned, only slightly off to target placings etc. Went to 260kg for the second. It felt better than the first, the set up was spot on an form felt good. Jumped to what I thought was pretty conservative to 267.5kg for the final squat to go for a medal (would have been silver). Really don't know what happened on this final attempt, ...
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  3. HJP Worlds Prep - Openers - 6 Days out

    Did some GPP Thursday (core focused an some rows) rested completely (besides the normal walk) yesterday an final heavy session today. Just the openers for all three lifts...


    Squat 250kg
    Bench 145kg
    Deadlift 270kg

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  4. HJP Worlds Prep - 9 Days Out

    Decent day today. Final day of real training. Openers Saturday before flying out to Russia. First time having two days in a row of rest since before CD's (I will be doing GPP work tomorrow though). Not long now.

    Wednesday 5th June

    Worlds Prep Week 6 Day 2 - 9 days out

    Scheduled Work:
    Comp Pause Bench up to x2 @9 - load drop 4-6%
    Deads w/belt up to x2 @9 - load drop 4-6%
    Military Press up to x7 @9 - load drop 4-6%
    Squats up ...

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  5. HJP Worlds Prep - Saturday 1st June & Monday 3rd June...

    Had for some reason been unable to log but its working again now, here is the two most recent sessions...


    Not a bad day today. Felt pretty decent given the fact I'd trained yesterday. Have been overestimating myself a bit too much this week though an did it again on the deadlifts. Not accounting for the accumulated fatigue when I think what I should be able to hit. Will focus hard on hitting the target RPE next week. ...
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