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  1. C3W6-W7 - Turning around

    Training over the past week, W7 has started to see the squat turn around after a few tiny tweaks, which seemed to make all the damned difference in the world.
    I squatted 170kg for 2 crisp sets of 4 on a Volume Day and set a PR paused squat triple at 145kg. I look forward to doing much more if all continues well.

    At the rate I'm going, I probably cannot return to catch up with W6 due to the coming exams interfering.
    However, I look forward to a more in-depth discussion ...
  2. C3W5 - Cheap Entertainment; History

    I recall a time when someone thought guerilla warfare involved gorillas.
    That and how Medal of Honor helped spark an interest in history.

    Returning to regular upload schedule soon hopefully.

    I produced a gif from a scene out of Unlimited Blade Works and meshed it with Careless Whisper and I got this.
    I think it's perfect. 2LEWD4ME

  3. C3W3D3: Breathe; Back to baseline; What you can and can't control

    Returning to baseline and closer to my regular levels of strength now.
    Hit a 165kg x 5, 87.5kg x 5, 190kg x 3 which are by no means great, but sure as hell better than before.

    Been a long time in a the rut, but finally a sign of regressing to the mean.
    But what do I mean by regressing to the mean and what kind of randomness might there be influencing session performance?
    Well let's look at a graph and this pretty little autoregression equation and see what they ...
  4. C3W1D3-W2D3 - >tfw it's not going well and regression to mean is taking too long

    Sometimes things go wrong. That's fine.
    Tough it out.

    Sometimes things go wrong for an extended period of time. That's fine.
    Tough it out for longer.

    Maybe I'm getting to the end of the tunnel, maybe not quite yet.

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  5. C3 Transition Week - Return of the overhead press

    Transition week. Fun times. Low volume. Low reps. High RPE's.
    Set some small PR's here and there. Beltless squat, paused deadlift, overhead press and close grip bench all had a PR of some sort during this week.

    Like I said, got into some overhead work. Particularly inspired after watching John Phung sling some crazy weights overhead.

    John Phung and his 315 Push Press:
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