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  1. C2W6D2-D3 [Development and Intensity Day]

    Holy crap I hate training during exams.
    D1 was great but D2 was not as easy.
    Definitely carried some of the shit from earlier in the week into D3.

    I'm just glad I was able to keep training during the exams and remain consistent.

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  2. C2W6D1 (Volume Day) - Expectation

    19th Jan

    Well, what ARE you supposed to do if you've had a broken sleep cycle the night before, just sat through a 3 hour exam, but suddenly get the urge to lift even though you planned in advance to put it off until the next day? Go and squat, duh!

    Slightly longer video, but sometimes I like to do these things because I'mma softy and like to talk, feel and reflect.
    In particular, this one's about the past few weeks of unusual ...

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  3. C2W5D3 - PR City

    16th Jan

    Good session overall, but very difficult to get to and get through.
    Mentally very stressful from preparing to go to it until the end even without hype and it took quite some time with the rests.

    Extremely pleased with the results, but the deadlift technique is not up to my standard.
    Turns out my PR video featured the 87.5kg bench as 90kg, so the actual real 90kg bench PR footage is only found on this video.


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  4. C2W5D2 + D3 PR's

    14 Jan

    D2 was a bitch because friggin' Paused Squats.

    Oh let's do them for 6's. In fact, make that everything for today including all your bench work.
    Aimed for a weight that would get a top set real quick so I could get out.
    Took it easier for the bench, but I got fried from 2 grinders which made Close Grip terrible and ran into 2 more grinders from Close Gripping.
    I'd rather not repeat this.

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  5. Pre-C2W5D3 (Intensity Day)

    I felt like I should just write this out.
    The way I feel now, I'm definitely the most afraid and nerve wracked in a VERY, VERY long time. I was not even this afraid for my first meet.
    Heart's pounding, chest feels like it's getting crushed by a max bench and I almost can feel the weight on my shoulders and in my hands already.

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    'P-please be gentle with me!!!'

    I'm aiming for some weights on my squat and deadlift ...
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