Team Leaders

These are the blogs of those athletes who are veterans of the RTS system and have been designated as Team Leaders by Mike.

  1. I should keep logging this.

  2. Back to it

  3. Post Nationals thoughts and the way ahead

    The Stats
    Squat: 694, 727, 749
    Bench: 435, 456 (missed twice)
    Deadlift: 705, 755, 788
    Total: 1973 (895kg)
    Bodyweight: 118.8

    Play by Play
    As most of you know, I was fairly dinged up coming in to the meet. My left elbow was killing me. I had some pain in my left SI that prevented much in the way of deadlift training, then it was followed by a strained right glute that not only prevented deadlift training, but caused me to alter my squat technique. ...
  4. Training

    Started by trying to squat. Hips were pretty lit up today actually. I got through my warm up sets, but I could feel the right glute wasn't right. The left SI didn't exactly feel spectacular either. So I cut it. Ugh. Can't wait to heal up.

  5. Deadlift addiction

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