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    I've been basically just bouncing around and getting no momentum.

    Two weeks ago, I was training. Maybe starting to make a little bit of headway. But when deadlifting I noticed my hip still hurts. Not improving at all. I reviewed my logs and I see that it does seem to improve (slowly) with rest. So I'm doing the last thing I can do on my own -- I'm taking 4 weeks off of lower body training. Hopefully this thing gets under control. I hate to take that much time off, but I don't ...
  4. Frustrated


    * 10/9/2014
    * 245x4: Pretty much nothing.
    * 335x3: Felt a noticeable twinge on the left side on the 2nd rep. Nothing on the 3rd.
    * 425x5: Pain in the right hip. Reps are super easy. The pain was enough to cause me to slow down my pacing. Squeezing the glutes means it went away at the top, but the 3/4 lockout position was still painful.

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