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  8. Ed Podlovits's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Tuchscherer
    They're generally 2.5hrs.

    Ed, sorry for the late reply... I don't think about it much tbh.
    No worries, thanks for the answer.
  9. Mike Tuchscherer's Avatar
    They're generally 2.5hrs.

    Ed, sorry for the late reply... I don't think about it much tbh.
  10. thatcreepyguy's Avatar
    How long was this workout if you recal, and how long are your workouts generally?
  11. Ed Podlovits's Avatar
    Mike, I have a question about your squat set up. I know you have worked with the guys at Darkside Strength, who preach maintaining 3 points of contact with the foot (as seen here -
    My question is this: When setting up, do you make a point to first lift the toes then spread them, as Dr. Quinn demonstrates in the video? If so, at what point in your set up are you doing this? Thanks.
  12. DeadsAreNotMyThing's Avatar
    Time constraints have always been a bit of a problem for me. Its not too often I miss the last exercise but I have noticed when I get a good couple of weeks solid hitting my desired fatigue level that I make better progress. I guess I'm spending too much time doing things that probably dont need that time haha.
  13. Mike Tuchscherer's Avatar
    It's entirely due to time constraints to be honest. I should start earlier or not talk so much.
  14. DeadsAreNotMyThing's Avatar
    Bench can be a massive pain. Sometimes it goes exceptionally well when paired with a higher frequency approach but other times I can go the complete opposite direction. Way to get it done though Mike. I've noticed (mainly from your Worlds Prep) you have been doing 2 exercises a day (mostly) rather than the usual 3 slots seen here. Is there a reason for that? Are you just increasing the fatigue accumulated from less exercises to hit the same amount fatigue as you normally would? Or is it a recovery thing? I like the idea of less exercises per day as sometimes (due to time constraints) I have to cut W/O's short and more often than I would like. Be good to hear your thoughts.
  15. Bull's Avatar
    It irritates me too sometimes, Mike...
  16. Mike Tuchscherer's Avatar
    Sure was a hard one. Especially the end of those squats!
  17. Bull's Avatar
    That is a great workout!
  18. jack_powerlifting's Avatar
    Very interesting point in regards to the goals of pause work. I have started using higher intensities on my pause variations and have found it to carry over in a big way to the competition lift. I used to do all my paused stuff in that very low intensity range that is often recommended and never thought I got much out of it. I have hit three paused rep PR's in the last 3 weeks in both the squat and deadlift (beltless, too) and immediately have seen the benefit with a 10kg triple PR in the competition squat yesterday. Thanks for the swift reply Mike!
  19. Mike Tuchscherer's Avatar
    Just trying to get more exposure to heavy weights. So for the pause stuff, I'm thinking that a little very high intensity work would pair well with the goals of pause work. I won't be doing this on every assistance lift though.
  20. jack_powerlifting's Avatar
    I have seen on your blogs recently that you're including singles before your rep work on all the big 3/close variations of. Why is that? You may well have already addressed this, but I don't remember it being the case in the past
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