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  1. Feeling banged up

  2. Next stop... Raw Nationals

    Only about a month out...

    Squat w/belt
  3. My performance at the world championships

    Meet Review

    Bodyweight: 119.0kg

    Squat: 694, 733, 760
    Bench: 424, 446, 462
    Deadlift: 738, 793, 860 (miss)
    Total: 915 (2017)

    Accomplishments: 2nd Place Squat, 1st Place Deadlift, 2nd Place Total

    Overall, Iím happy with my lifting. I lifted well and performed close to my original plans. Iím of course disappointed with my placing, but as Iíve always said Ė in powerlifting, if you perform to your potential the day of the meet, ...
  4. More strategies for smart training

  5. Learn your lessons

    Adhere to a process. Do your work. No self pity. Remember, you chose this.

    Squat w/belt
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