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  1. More Deadlifts

  2. Last high stress week

  3. Starting sport form

    Went to Austria over the weekend for a seminar with Intelligent Strength. What a good group of guys who genuinely want to pass along quality training info! Had a great time, but there was lots of traveling, talking, walking, etc. Nothing major, but not insignificant either. It was definitely enough to remove me from my routine. Training this week is shifted a day due to this.

  4. An OMT, training, and traveling to a seminar

    Doping control showed up early this morning for an out-of-meet drug test. That was pretty cool -- I'm glad that even though I'm an American, I can still get OMT'd in Italy. So after we got that job done, I hit the gym to train.

  5. A lesson in momentum

    I planned to deadlift this morning. The last time I'd done beltless work was at the beginning of April, so it had been a little while. And if you've been following my training, you realize that deadlifting has not been going particularly great the last several weeks. So I didn't plan to go for a PR today. I didn't plan to "turn it around". My aim was to just not suck. That would give me something to build on next time.
    At the same time, you need to take what's there. My first ...
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