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  1. becoming a brah

    Welcome to a week of benching, benching and more benching

    Comp press [x3@9]:
    120kg @8.5
    122.5kg @9
    115kg @8/8.5
    115kg @9

    Slingshot(2ct pause at chest) [x2@9]:
    140kg @8
    150kg @9 (x1) - lost line on second rep
    145kg @8.5
    145kg @9/9.5

    CG floor press [x6@8]:
    90kg @7.5/8
    92.5kg @8/8.5, 8.5, 9

    Chins: BW 3x5, 5x3

    Was alone again this afternoon ...
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  2. mini-session from last night..

    Comp bench [x5@10]:
    120kg @10
    115kg @10

    Same as previous..first 3 reps fly then really gas on the last few - these very proper @10s, real grinders for the last reps. Will double check my diet etc to make sure I am on top of everything.

    Deadlift [x5@9.5]:
    150kg @8
    170kg @8.5/9

    Just took these to technical failure - ie working on a flat(ter) back position, what feels like an arch is barely straight ...
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  3. 'Injury' update

    Not really sure what I am putting here, I had/ have some frustrating news at the minute and just wanted to note it down...might stop me running it through my head!!

    So, since my comp on 21st April, I have had a sore/ achy lower back - it was a very mild thing prior to that...almost like a training effect. However, post comp is seemed I had irritated it somehow. It hasn't cleared up - although has reduced somewhat.

    Decided to finally go and see a chiro to get checked ...
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  4. in a rush..

    was off to bodypower for the day to see some strongman/powerlifting/abzzzz...think arnolds but much worse. So, that meant early session and slightly off plan too.

    Bench w/slingshot [x3@9]:
    130kg @7.5/8
    150kg @9
    140kg @8
    140kg @8/8.5
    140kg @9

    I had mid range pin press noted, but didnt have access to a power rack - so to get the lockout work in, used the slingshot - paused all reps except the final 140s..pretty solid. ...
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  5. overshooting..

    Overall, reasonable day - PB on the bench movement...pretty solid work on the pin squats...and overshot the deadlift by quite a bit!

    3ct bench [x3@9]:
    110kg @8
    120kg @9/9.5 *PB*
    115kg @8
    115kg @8.5/9

    Got much more aggressive with these reps - very happy overall, strong sets - finally!

    Deadlift w/belt [x5@9.5]:
    (210kg x1)
    220kg x3 @8.5
    200kg @9
    190kg @9.5

    On the warm-ups, everything ...
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