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  1. Catch up - couple of days..

    Thursday day (3pm)

    Deadlift day;

    Deadlift[x3@9, 5%]:
    warm ups
    180kg @8
    190kg @9
    170kg @8

    2ct squat[x3@9, 5%]:
    130kg @7.5
    140kg @8
    150kg @9
    140kg @9

    Front sq[x3@8, repeats]:
    90kg @8, 8, 8, 8.5

    Friday morning - 5.30am

    Bench Accessory;

    POR bench[x6@9, 5%]:
    80kg @7.5/8
    90kg @8.5/9
    90kg @8.5
    92.5kg ...
  2. back pump to the max

    Squat day;

    Squat[x3@9, 5%]:
    150kg @8
    155kg @8.5, 9
    145kg @8.5, 9

    2ct dl[x4@9, 5%]:
    120kg @7
    140kg @8.5
    *drop to triples*
    140kg @8
    150kg @8.5
    140kg @9

    BOR[x8@9, 5%]:
    70kg @7
    80kg @8
    90kg @8.5

    Wow tough session, I had a mega back pump after the first set of deadlifts, so had to drop to triples - and then time ran out too so cut ...
  3. A comeback! ...of sorts

    So after numerous issues...I have been back training for about 4-5 weeks now. I am starting back on the RTS type template as of this week, still a little loose, but I just want to build some solid foundations for now.

    Today's training:


    25 mins cardio - stepper

    lat pulldowns - 5x10
    ext rotations - 5x20
    mobility work


    Comp bench[x3@9, 5%]:
    95kg @7.5
    105kg @9/9.5
    100kg ...

    Updated 11-26-2013 at 02:43 AM by Adam-F

  4. update

    So been seeing the chiropractor for my back troubles - starting back with a few different treatments, but I am off lifting proper for the next 6 weeks or so til I sort stuff out.

    Fingers crossed I will have my knee cleared up by then too, so will be ready to come back like a new man!
  5. bolt on..with some GPP

    1.5 board press[x2@9]:
    135kg @8
    145kg @8.5
    150kg @9
    140kg @8/8.5
    140kg @8.5

    Snatch SLDL[x4@9]:
    120kg @8
    130kg @8
    130kg @8.5

    Curls 3x12
    Band pushdowns 3x12
    AB roll outs 5x8
    ext rotations 3x10
    face pulls 3x10
    Chins 5x5

    Not bad in the end, managed to slip down my stairs the other morning and seemed to have strained my chest and arm..what a bloke. So benching was kept ...
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