1. Path of Exile: How To Get Optimal DPS And Effecient Stat Weights?

    Why is it so hard to show correct tooltip dps? It's more of a general question because most games I have played in the past seemed to have the same issue. Why do you have to resort to third party programs like PoB or sim your character in WoW for optimal dps and effecient stat weights?

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    Because a lot of DPS is conditional, things like you deal more damage if the enemy is cursed, or bleeding, or poisoned or a million other things that the ...
  2. Path of Exile: How To Improve Ice Crash Damage?

    Are you made a crit facebreaker Ice Crash raider? What happened was once in a while she can literally one shot a t6-7 boss yet there are times when a rare needed more than 3 hits to be killed. How lul? Had it tested when the factor of ele resistance is not a big deal? Why is her damage so polarizing?

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    Factors that can go into that
    ⒈ Your weapon damage range (tight spread vs. large spread in min/max values)
    crit vs. non-crit, ...
  3. PoE Bestiary League: Read On To Learn About The Classes

    Bestiary League which brought a lot of new content, including new PoE items, skills, and crafting options. On top of this, the Ascendancy classes have been tweaked. Everyone’s use to the hierarchy of the best classes changing a bit in the new league, but all the changes in 3.2 have shaken things up even more than usual. Read on to learn about the classes:

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    Spectral Shield Throw Gladiator

    The PoE community has been eagerly awaiting ...
  4. Path of Exile: How To Spawn Uber Elder Without Luck

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    Since I tried to find a guide on how to spawn uber elder without luck I thought IŽd share it with you:

    ▷ Collect all 15 memory fragments.
    ▷ After you collect all 15 memory fragments Zana will tell you to kill the shaper guardians, I'm not sure you have to do it once again if you have already done it before but I did it just to be sure. The quest might still tell you to kill all guardians even if you have, don't worry just ...
  5. Path of Exile: Is Red Tier Elder Difficulty Comparable To Shaper?

    Killing red tier elder is always a struggle for me (shaper dies 50% of times) would shaper even be possible? How are the two comparable?

    Not really sure about the difficulty comparison, but if you're struggling to keep shaper alive during the elder fight, a frost wall gem setup will make it so the spawned units cant hit him at all since their projectiles cannot pierce the wall. It will give you a chance to get a watchers eye if you can't otherwise protect him.

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