1. Path of Exile: Legion Release Date

    If you would like to set aside a long time for this expansion, inform your boss to not expect you soon: the Path of Exile: the legion release date is June 7th, 2019 on the PC.

    There was still being a long quantity of expansion there after. Grinding gears have a plan to release an expansion every 13 weeks, so two more is usually added in September and December 2019. Farther away is the Path of Exile 4.0. 0 Mega Expansion, you'll find more information on the Exile Con in November. ...
  2. Path of Exile: Legion Release Date - All the latest specifics of the PoE melee revol

    The Path of Exile: The release date on the Legion is imminent and brings a great deal of new content, technology-not only to hone. Grinding Gear Games has combined this POE Exalted Orb with challenge alliance called Legion, which helps you to fight against enemies in droves. But you can pick how many of these enemies you intend to bear: greater enemies you've settled, a lot more loot you'll receive.

    You may also find that melee fighting continues to be completely redesigned: Grinding ...