1. POE transactions and "transaction prices"

    Suppose I found a superb project over the game, but I do not require it now (maybe doesn't necessarily fit my current role, or I currently have a better role). Usually, I will try and "sell" it - publicly list it and wish to replace it with another player to acquire a certain currency. The idea is the fact, during any real free market, this project might have no value in my opinion - but it really does preserve value for other people, therefore we can make us both better by swapping (assuming ...
  2. What do you should know about Path of Exile: LEGION

    The next alliance in the Path of Exile, the Legion, is nearly at our side.
    The path to exile has now been happening for quite some time, hence the alliances of such years have sprouted. Now, this is actually the name; yes, will probably be as awesome as being the previous ones, or more. So commence to reserve POE Currency and prepare for the Legion!

    Simple and timeless

    The reason the latest league is known as the Legion is really that this is exactly what you'll ...