1. Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers available these days on PC and PlayStation 4

    Raids according to Kingdom Hearts and Nier: Automata, new races, jobs and locations, playable changes ... this can be a new expansion of FF XIV.

    Last week Final Fantasy XIV Online reached 16 million users worldwide and what better method to celebrate it as compared to the arrival of the new expansion for your game, called Shadowbringers. The expansion is available these days on PC and PlayStation 4 and takes us Final Fantasy 14 Gil on the Norvrandt region, from the First World. In ...
  2. Scalebreaker DLC announced for Elder Scrolls Online

    The new DLC is known as Scalebreaker and includes two PvE dungeons, armor and collectibles. Update 23 concentrates on intrepid rewards, production, and transactions which could improve several of the quality of life.

    Scalebreaker Dungeon Pack

    The Scalebreaker contains two new stories which will follow the latest chapter with the game, Elsweyr, which tells the story from the release in the dragon through the Colossus Hall recently.

    You can help a member ...