1. Albion Online: The "Nimue" extension is now online

    Now all players can use the next sandbox MMO named Albion Online, which is also the fifth major content update. "Nimue" brings a lot of innovation. Besides, a trailer was released:

    Crystal Realm Battles: An impressive 5-on-5 combat mode for guild and guild players in a mysterious alternate level of light and color.

    Party Finder: With this new feature, individual players, small groups and guilds in the lobby can set up their parties or attend existing gatherings ...
  2. Albion Online will be Free-2-Play

    Sandbox Interactive announced that the Sandbox MMO, called Albion Online, will be converted to Free 2 Play mode on April 10. Therefore, before you have to buy a game, everyone can play free games without restrictions.

    Also, the new Oberon extension brings a wide range of new features that are now available to adventurers. These include hidden entrances and Albion Silver random dungeons - two new systems that bring more depth, challenge and spontaneity to the Albion world. In an open ...
  3. The release date of Albion Online Percival Update was published on July 10

    Albion developer Sandbox Interactive announced that it'll launch the Percival update on July 10. This will bring more diversity, like random underground dungeons, various new character and frame customization options, personal improvement banks, new monsters and talents, GVG battles and tournaments Crystal City, plus more.

    Random Dungeon: The new random dungeon is built to provide lonely players that have a variety of portals scattered all over the world of the game.

  4. The Sandbox MMORPG Albion Online changed to Free2Play

    Albion Online is a sandbox MMORPG that relies on the medieval environment. The focus of the game is on the economy and PvP. Character design and player housing also have some interesting features.

    German development team Sandbox Interactive has converted Albion Online to a free model. Then the MMORPG can be played freely.

    The change was made in the payment system at 12 noon on April 10. All players who want to play Albion Online can enter the server for free. The game ...