1. Blight release date: The tower defense came to PoE in the new alliance

    The release date of Blight is coming soon, which means another alliance that will improve the overall quality of life, of course - there will be some sweet spoils between next month and December.

    Inspired by the type of tower defense, this new PoE Alliance puts down the structure and helps you fight: treat them as sensational medieval turrets. You will want to destroy the plague that appears in Wraeclast, mainly because they control the Path of Exile Orbs thoughts of nearby minions. ...
  2. The Path of Exile: Easily launch the most up-to-date version inside the quarterly exp

    Grinding Gear Games is proud to announce the exile: Blight is going to be launched on September 9th, the most recent in a quarterly update towards the Path of Exile. Each expansion will introduce a fresh challenge alliance, powerful items, skill gems, game style portions of the Path of Exile, plus much more.

    On the Path of Exile: Blight, dangerous fungal growth has started to appear about the cursed Wraeclast continent. If you are a game enthusiast and want to find the cheapest POE ...
  3. The Path of Exile: Blight brings tower defense to action RPG

    The Path of Exile will be a new expansion next month. Blight added a new tower defense mode, fascinating oil, and several prototype overhauls.

    The Path of Exile first launched the PC version in 2013. It quickly emerged in the field of action RPG and became the solid second choice for Blizzard Diablo III. Unlike the D3, PoE is a free game that POE Currency causes the game to release a large amount of post-release content to keep the player's basic health. The next expansion will appear ...
  4. Final Fantasy XIV has sold millions of copies on Steam

    Final Fantasy XIV was released nearly 12 months and a half as soon as the PC first appeared within the PC, and it has now sold at least hundreds of copies on Steam, turning it into the second most in-demand work about the platform's Final Fantasy series.

    Based on SteamSpy's method of estimating users dependant on achievement data, SteamSpy's latest data puts Final Fantasy XIV on Valve's storefront, with users including 2 million to 2 million. If you are a game enthusiast and like ...
  5. MapleStory M: MMORPG will probably be brought in the mobile device challenge

    About downloading, MapleStory M started to grow steadily for Nexon after its global release in July 2018.

    Mobile MMOs determined by popular PC games reached 5 million global downloads within the two weeks after launch, reaching 10 million within the first 100 days.

    This version may be performing MS M Mesos well like a top 10/15 product for the App Store for pretty much two years after its first launch in Korea.

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