1. WOW Classic: How long between stages

    The World of Warcraft classic has existed for a month, which means most hardcore gamers happen to be craving for your next challenge. After striving to succeed in the world-class a higher level 60 and completing the many Raid content available today in the game, some guilds WoW Classic Gold have begun to guess when another wave of content will arrive.

    Most fans may know that World of Warcraft Classic has been launched inside a series of stages as planned. The first phase was officially ...
  2. WOW Classic Dungeon: How to run them and what adjustments are needed

    Most Worlds of Warcraft dungeons require five players, but in addition to Blackrock Depths, Psychic and Stratholme, the other can only accommodate up to 10 players. You just can't complete any tasks. Normally, you will receive a chariot, a therapist and three levels of damage. It would often be helpful if one of the damages traders had several healing spells. There are no in-game tools to find WOW Classic Boosting groups, so you can usually find a group by asking where the dungeon is located in ...
  3. World of Warcraft nostalgic night green town classic mission Stavin legend

    World of Warcraft has a mission, the old players should have done it, called the legend of Steven, this task is a bit difficult, many players are asking where the location of Stavin, for this problem, We deliberately sorted out the relevant Raiders, If you want to know about this task, let's take a look.

    The twilight forest itself is a place full of oppressive atmosphere. Naturally, it is filled with all kinds of strange events, such as the corpse, the scythe of the moon, and WoW ...
  4. World of Warcraft nostalgia: Orc Warlock 20 succumber mission diagram

    The first step was to talk to the blood of the Warlock Trainer in Orgrim. He said that I can now learn to summon the succubus, and more information can be found with Cazel.

    I found the cazel outside the tent. He told me to find a girl in the city waiting for the companion to return. The zankaja mission reminder: Cazel sat outside the warlock's tent.

    Zakaria said that she was worried about the WoW Classic Gold safety of his husband, dog ran and asked me to go to Gazrog ...
  5. Blizzard solves gray area problem through WoW Classic layered vulnerability

    After a few days of WoW Classic players complaining about layered exploitation, Blizzard finally explained the problem straightforwardly on this issue.

    WoW, community manager Josh "Lore" Allen published the issue at the Blizzard Forum yesterday, claiming that the "key factor" in determining whether tiered use is punished is "intention." Layering allows players to join different "layers" to kill the same enemy over and WoW Classic Gold over again, ...
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