1. "A Path of Exile player plays 500 hours in 30 days to break the new Twitch record"

    "A Path of Exile streamer recently set planet world record which are more hours streamed on Twitch in 1 month". Norwegian-born streamer Zizaran started his thirty days marathon last December, eventually racking up a lot more than 500 hours of streaming in mere one month.

    Zizaran released a tweet around the final show this morning, saying, "We broke the planet record using a single streamer in many time, and also the final time was 505.5 hours. This beat the first sort ...
  2. Path of Exile Looks to Player Retention, New Game Updates

    Synthetic player retention

    For a long time, Synthesis has become one of the most difficult player drop rates. Without any real numbers, it feels as easy as Bestiary. This is due to various factors. The first is that the current league content is confusing and difficult to interact with at the time of launch. Since then they have made a lot of changes to the system, making the players more friendly and rewarding, but many players refused to return.

    A large part of this ...
  3. Path of Exile's Fall of Oriath expansion hits August 4th

    Fine free-to-play action-RPG Path of Exile will launch its next expansion on August 4th, developers Grinding Gear Games announced yesterday evening. The expansion, named The Fall of Oriath [official site], will introduce a brand new act sending players back towards the land we were holding exiled from. Time for many frank conversations while using ruling powers, I’m sure. On the surface of that, the increase boshes in remixes coming from all five acts, revisiting these phones see where did they’ve ...
  4. Rather than asking if you would like to kill the monster or kiss the monster

    Rather than asking if you would like to kill the monster or kiss the monster, Path Of Exile asks should you’d rather freeze your enemies which has a cone of cold or obliterate these with explosive fire traps. Character customisation is much more important laptop or computer ever was at the Diablo series or Torchlight, using a passive skill screen that looks such as the night sky, pricked with shining possibilities forming constellations that grow and spiral from each from the character classes. ...
  5. What, an expansion for Titan Quest several later?

    I loved Titan Quest, the old Diablo clone by Iron Lore and THQ, nonetheless it's all wrinkly now and Diablo 3 and Path of Exile rule the roost (also keep in mind Torchlight 2!). No one loves Titan Quest - or do they really?
    11 years later, Titan Quest incorporates a second expansion, and by the miraculous coincidence it will happen have a similar name as the brand new Thor movie - Ragnarok - and turn into based around Norse Mythology!
    Implausible as a different expansion a decade following ...
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