1. MMOAH Digimon Masters Online Dictionary - Ancient Greymon

    Basic information

    Level: Ultimate
    Specie: Ancient Dragon
    Attribute: Vaccine
    Own: Ten warriors
    Adaptation area: UK、VB、NSp
    First debut: Digimon card game Bo-691

    Nirvana: Omega Burst, Gaia Tornado

    Setting data:
    With the attribute of "fire", who has saved the ten warriors of the ancient digital world in the legend. It is said to be the original ultimate body that existed in ancient times, and ...
  2. Digimon Masters Online: See tips to accomplish well inside the series MMORPG

    Digimon Masters Online is a totally free, microtransaction MMORPG that puts players inside Japanese cartoon universe Digimon. In the sport, you can make your own character and do missions within the real world plus the digital world. Check out this tutorial for some ways to get it right inside the series sport.

    Pokémon, Digimon as well as others: meet collectible monsters games

    Complete the principle missions

    A good way to find experience faster is usually ...
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    On July 4th, Epic Games announced that it will sell the rare "Red Knight" skin on the store on July 5th, causing the player's excitement.

    Since it was put on shelves in December last year, the "Red Knight" has only appeared several times in the store, the most recent one is on February 20 this year, which makes it one of the rarest skins in the game. This also means that only some early players can buy this skin, and now most newer players have no chance to own ...
  4. New Fortnite Blitz Mode Changes Made, Here's What's Different

    Fortnite developer Epic began the latest limited-time mode for Battle Royale, Blitz, earlier soon. Along with shorter match times, Blitz mode features significantly increased resources and loot spawns to quicken the pace of matches, although those will likely be seeing some changes soon.
    On the Fortnite: Battle Royale subreddit, Epic announced it is going to adjust the abundance of making resources in Blitz mode having a hotfix update released on March 20. According to your developer, the ...
  5. TERA Is The Number One Played MMORPG On Steam

    Today were overjoyed to disclose that since its launch on Steam on May 5th, 2015, TERA is the number one most played MMORPG on Steam! Pulling ahead from the likes of Neverwinter, Rift, ArcheAge, and also The Elder Scrolls Online within the very limited time since launching within the platform, and rendering it among the best free to experience Tera Items games on Steam as well.

    TERA has seen massive growth with this time, with new and returning players alike pushing the total variety ...