1. What is chronic venous insufficiency?

    Chronic Venous Insufficiency, known by its acronym as IVC, is the inability of the veins to perform the adequate return of blood to the heart, which causes the heart to accumulate in the legs, giving rise to different symptoms and problems.

    Can venous insufficiency be cured?

    The veins and arteries play a fundamental role in the proper functioning of our circulatory system, since they are responsible for transporting blood from the heart to the whole body in two directions: ...
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  2. Start Your Summer With Effective Vein Treatment

    The exhilarating symptoms of summer can be bringing on a pain of nervousness if you are trouncing ugly spider veins under a winter slacks pair. Promotions for new skirts, shorts and bikinis can persuade a wave of dread as the option of displaying your legs is stalled by the varicose veins which you cannot bear to show. In case this seems familiar, you may need to think about suitable Peripheral Vein Disease treatment. With the huge collection of medical processes available to treat the look of spider ...
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  3. What are vulvar varicose veins and treatment?

    The vulva veins in women are communicated with each other between the area of internal and external organs that are in the pelvis of the woman, reaching the thigh areas and the entire genital area.

    Given the extensive area in which these veins are found, vulvar varicose veins can be found at any of these points. So to solve this issue a Good Dr for Varicose Veins is must

    Causes of vulvar varicose veins in pregnancy

    During pregnancy, this type of varicose ...