1. Inflamed sciatic nerve - symptoms and treatment

    The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve of the human body being formed by several nerve endings that come from the spine. This begins at the end of the spine, passing through the buttocks and back of the thigh, and when it reaches the knee it is divided between the common tibial and fibular nerve, reaching the feet. And it is in this journey that it can cause pain with a tingling sensation, stitches and electric shocks.

    Symptoms of Inflammatory Sciatic Nerve
    If you think you ...
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    Back Pain
  2. What is backache?

    The back pain is an annoyance that can be or not continuous in time that can be located from the top of the lower section to the legs. Back pain is the second most common discomfort among people, only overcome by the common cold.

    In fact, it is estimated that around eight out of ten people will suffer throughout their lives, a fact that makes clear its prevalence. Back pain is associated with many diseases that can lead to serious problems; therefore, Massage Therapy for Back Pain ...
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    Back Pain