1. Sciatica: Healing Tips That You Can Do

    Sciatica, which occurs due to irritation of the sciatic nerve, is very painful and can last several days, eventually incapacitating the patient. Learn to prevent appearance for best treatment for sciatica and reduce your discomfort.

    The most frequent causes of sciatica specialist advised:

    Spinal disc herniation: it is by far the most frequent cause of sciatica. The vertebral discs are between the vertebrae and cushion the rubbing that occurs between them due to movements, ...
  2. Structure specialized in the management of chronic rebel pain

    Pain structures exist in different forms of organizations (probably destined to change in the years to come): consultations, pain management in Manhattan or centers for evaluation and treatment of chronic rebel pain.

    These structures are specialized in the management of all persistent pain that is difficult to relieve. We talk about chronic rebel pain. They are led by a multidisciplinary team of Shoulder Pain Doctor or not.

    These structures do not receive patients without ...
    Back Pain
  3. What is pain in the lower back?

    Pain in the lower back can range from a mild, dull and annoying pain, to a strong and persistent pain that leaves the person suffering from it incapacitated. Pain in the lower back can limit movement and interfere with normal functions and quality of life. Nerve doctor specialist can treat you for the lower back pain.

    What is neck pain?

    Pain in the neck is a pain that occurs in the area of ​​the cervical vertebrae of the neck. Due to its location and range ...
  4. Main Symptoms of osteoporosis and Cause

    Symptoms of osteoporosis, such as bone pain or fractures, usually arise after the age of 45, being more common in women after menopause and in men after 65 years of age.

    What Causes Osteoporosis

    Osteoporosis is a disease characterized by decreased bone strength, increasing the risk of fractures, mainly in the vertebrae of the thigh bone and wrist; however, it can occur anywhere in the body. Main osteoporosis symptoms are different but it can be actually find out by ...
  5. Different kinds of Back pain

    Most people suffer from some kind of back pain at a time in their life. Exercise or body work is the most common; however, sometimes it is a sign of a more serious health condition. The next section will explore some of the most common conditions that can cause back pain. Consult the lower back pain specialist in this case.

    Lumbar Discomfort

    Pain or discomfort of the lower back is one of the most common types of back pain. The discomfort in this region often goes untreated ...
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