1. Knee pain: What can Cause it and How to Treat?

    Knee pain is a symptom that can arise due to joint wear, excess weight or sports injuries that can occur during a run or a soccer game and it is one of common knee problems.

    However, when the medial knee pain in the knee prevents walking or worsens over time, it may signal a more serious problem such as rupture of the ligaments, osteoarthritis or Baker's cyst, which can be confirmed through imaging tests such as an x-ray or a computed tomography.

    However, pain in back ...
  2. Some Effective Tips For Pain Management

    If talking about pain then it is one of the most usual medical situations which exist all over the world. Any type of pain mainly neck or back related is a great reason of lost working hours in the whole world. This reason is inconvenience to the employee and the employer alike. Pain can also cause enduring disability in case not cured in the right way at the right possible time. To handle this medical situation many resort to medication and treatments in different types as conventional, therapeutic ...
  3. Know the Symptoms, Types and Causes of Back Pain

    The spine, made up of 33 bones called "vertebrae", connects the skull with the pelvis. The vertebrae are grouped into 4 different regions: cervical, dorsal, lumbar and sacral. A number of doctors that specialize in back nerve pain treatment will available in every city

    The vertebrae are stacked one on top of the other forming a column, and in the cervical, dorsal and lumbar regions they are separated from each other by a kind of pad called a disc. Consider these discs as ...
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    Back Pain
  4. The most common reasons for feeling pain: explanation and treatment options

    We sometimes tend to overlook our bodies and its condition. However, even if we take care, we can get hurt in many different ways. Thatís when it comes to seek out pain management doctors to find out more about the reason why we are in pain. Letís talk about pain management and more importantly about taking preventive steps from being in pain.

    What is pain?
    Without getting into medical terms we can conclude that pain is a message your neurons send to your brain telling you ...
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