1. 10 Recommended Career Mode Signings of FIFA 19

    When you've advanced a young player, FIFA has its own particular manner of showing that he has a great deal of potential. Go to the Squad Hub under the Squad tab and peruse through your players. Look out for any of the accompanying statuses:

    "Appearing potential" shows potential 80-85 "An energizing prospect" demonstrates potential 86-90 "Can possibly be uncommon" shows potential 91+
    This is an extraordinary little update in the event ...
  2. Short Gaming Reviews of FIFA 19

    Auto safeguarding is likewise a fiasco in the amusement. In the event that you shield with a CDM player as opposed to utilizing a CB straightforwardly to stop the aggressor, it is all around impossible you will surrender. Players additionally discovered that controlling the attendant physically nearly ensures spare and this is anything but difficult to ace. Be that as it may, when the attendant is in auto mode, even profoundly evaluated managers neglect to stop generally straightforward shots. Goalkeeper ...
  3. Manage Your Own Team in FIFA Ultimate Team (C)

    Team of the Year (TOTY): In January, EA Sports looks back on the past year. The best players of the year will be awarded an official FIFPro ballot, and during the FIFA Ballon d'Or Gala. All these players are merged into the Team of the Year.
    Team of the Season (TOTS): In May and June the performance of the real players will be re-evaluated. In contrast to the Team of the Year card, this update only takes into account their performance during the season, not for the entire calendar year. Also, ...