1. Far Cry 5 Event Node Finishing: Easy to Miss Task Analysis

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    Many of the tasks in Far Cry 5 require the player to trigger certain conditions, but we don't know what the triggering node is, so I will bring you Far Cry 5 event nodes and easy task analysis.

    This game, very annoying one thing is to worry about missing the task, so I opened a file for testing, do not do any tasks before liberation (unless forced), only by saving civilians. Killing VIP and ...
  2. How to Survive Longer on Far Cry 5?

    Far Cry 5 is finally out, meaning players can now explore the fictional Hope County, Montana, while fighting off the influence of the evil cult leader Joseph Seed and his followers.
    For players just jumping into the game, it can be pretty hard to know where to start or how to get to grips with surviving in the great outdoors. Below you'll find all the information you need to master your surroundings, with advice on how to fish, hunt and get around:
    1. Obtain a fishing rod
    There ...