1. Why Do People Go Hiking?

    Many folk cannot see why hoards of people take it on themselves to go out into the wilderness in all weathers simply to take in a walk. They cannot understand why these crazy folk go out in driving rain, climb hills for no reason and go tramping through woodlands almost like they're searching for the Holy Grail.

    Well, the individuals who don't discover this interest are missing out in a major way! The primary reason we go a-wandering is to escape from everyday things, to journey out ...
  2. 7 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Be Advertising Online

    Still not convinced you should be advertising online?

    How about a refresher course for those of you a little more advanced?

    Here are seven of the most important reasons WHY you should be advertising online.

    1. Go Where Your Customers Are. Consumers are using the Internet to research products and services more than ever. Google estimates that 97% of consumers are searching online prior to making a purchase.. even if they purchase offline! If you're not ...

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