1. Simple Tips to Save Money on Your Medical Expenses

    From consultation fees to co-pays and prescription drugs, the amount of money you need for your yearly health care can be overwhelming. This is especially true if you don't have a good source of income. So, is it still possible to get the best medical treatment while saving money? Absolutely. Let's look at some ways that can help you save significant amounts of money on your health care expenses.

    Stay Healthy

    Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is your first line of defense ...
  2. Cigarette Smoking And Thyroid Gland

    While the effects of smoking tobacco are mostly associated with damage to the lungs and heart, there is no organ in the body that doesn’t suffer from it. With the change in smoking habits like increasing use of vapers, there has been an increased criticism on these activities especially on thyroid health. The thyroid gland in particular is one of those organs that greatly suffer but is often overlooked. On the outlook, smoking has been found to worsen the symptoms of hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s ...

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    Smoking like unhealthy habit
  3. 5 Practical Solutions for Recurring Migraines

    Migraines, being a severe form of headaches, can significantly affect the quality of your life if you don't learn how to manage them. The recurring pain can take its toll on you to the point that you can't concentrate on the things that you are doing. For example, the pain can interfere with your job since you won't be able to focus because of the pain. This is also true for students who are trying to study. They simply can't concentrate due to the migraine attacks.

    Unfortunately, ...
  4. Natural Remedy To Moisturize Your Skin In The Winter

    Finally, the winter season is here with us. As the temperature drops, the battle for healthy skin begins. The biting cold takes away a thin layer of natural oil causing skin conditions such as rashes, redness, psoriasis, eczema, as well as a variety of hair problems.

    Whilst there are many moisturizers that promise hydration, most of them contain synthetic ingredients that do more harm than good. If you’re looking for a natural remedy to moisturize your skin, the secret is right in ...
  5. If you want give up smoking

    If you tired from often cough and bad feeling - you are ready to be healthy! You should know how much harm you take from smoking.

    Smoking causes irreparable harm to the human body

    Has a smoker ever wondered at least for a second about the processes that are taking place in his body and about the harm smoking does to it? Probably not. But he should!

    The smoke of 20 cigarettes (which is the usual heavy smoker’s daily dose) contains 130 mg of nicotine, ...

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    Smoking like unhealthy habit