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    It's great to have a successful career and I hope that I'll manage to do that. But now I am only a student and I work as hard as possible to get the most out of it. Of course I still cheat sometimes, for example I can buy essay or ask someone to help me with an importnat task but I think that it isn't a big deal.
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    Thank you was very informative. Thanks to this post I know about another type of loan. Before that, I knew about the existence of only these loans.

    1. Commercial loan - provided by some businessmen to others in the form of selling goods with a deferred payment. He issued a bill. Its object is commodity-capital. The goal is to accelerate the sale of goods and the profits contained in them.

    2. A bank loan is issued by banks, special financial institutions, operating entrepreneurs in the form of cash loans. This is the main type of loan in modern conditions. The object of a bank loan is money capital. A bank loan overcomes the boundaries of a commercial loan, since it is not limited to the direction, term, and amount of credit transactions, i.e. it makes the loan more elastic, expands its scope, increases security.

    3. Same day payday loans are provided to consumers in the form of a commercial loan (sale of goods with deferred payment) and a bank loan (consumer loans).

    4. Mortgage loans are long-term loans secured by real estate (land, industrial and residential buildings).

    5. State loan - a set of credit relations in which the borrower or lender is the state and local authorities in relation to citizens and legal entities. The traditional form of this loan is the issuance of government loans, which withdraw from 1/3 (US) to 2/3 (FRG) of the capital market resources to cover the budget deficit. A peculiar kind of state credit is the guarantee of the state for private loans.

    6. International credit - the movement of loan capital in the field of international economic relations, associated with the provision of foreign exchange and commodity resources on the terms of repayment, urgency, and payment. The lenders and borrowers are banks, enterprises, states, international and regional organizations.
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