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    By the way, modern camping can be as convenient as a good hotel room. Have you tried sleeping on an air mattress? If not, you have a look here. This is a special camping mattress that can be used in a tent and outdoors. It is easily inflated and deflated and is very easy to clean. I take such a mattress on trips to sleep comfortably in any conditions. Just try this option.
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    celingracy, perhaps you are not prepared enough for the trip... I read a lot of tourist guides and I am sure that compliance with basic safety precautions will protect against unpleasant incidents. In the end, you can live in a separate campsite. This is reasonable for cities with a high population density.
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    Who could assume that health isn't important while travelling? Strange. I'm flying to Rio de Janeiro and since there are a lot of people who live quite dense (check this link for more information about the city population) it becomes necessary to get vaccinated, bring medicines, and go to a doctor after a trip.
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