1. What You Need to Know Before You Try Online Dating

    Love can trap you in a public garden while you are sitting on a bench, in a cafe at the nearest table or even in a boring lecture at a university. But if the lucky chance to get a soul mate did not introduce itself, force it! The easiest way to meet a nice man or woman is to register on a dating site. But the question is what one needs to know before looking for a boy-/girlfriend online?

    1. Choose a reliable platform.
    It doesnít matter if you want to find a partner for the ...
  2. How Can Writing Train Your Mental Health?

    Writing is an art that has been used for hundreds of years as mental therapy. Since the introduction of smart devices and computers, the practice has gained much significance especially in the lives of students. Mental health is critical because every activity undertaken involves decision making which is a function of the mind.

    A study carried out among students in Australia highlighted that most pupils had shown symptoms of stress and anxiety and this can be attributed by the numerous ...

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  3. Bullet thoughts for an essay about "To Kill a Mockingbird"

    ĎIn 1964, one of the most phenomenal books in the history of US literature was published. Three years later, after the authorís death, it still continues to intrigue and inspire. ďTo kill a MockingbirdĒ by Harper Lee can be described as a fictional story which was centred on the part of the authorís early life. There is a set of observations based on certain true-life events that decried racial prejudice and abuseí.

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    The paragraph above shows ...
  4. How Do Online Dating Sites Affect Studentís Social Life on Campus?

    If you ask your parents how they met, it is more likely they met at the library at university or college than on an app. In todayís technology world, we use the internet, computers and our smartphones for everything. This includes dating. Now there are lots of dating websites online that you can use to find a date, as well as apps on your smartphone. It has never been easier to find a date.

    But, online dating sites have come at a price, and this usually involves your social life as a student. ...